10 Seasons of Supernatural and well some thoughts.

Supernatural love

I am going to go back to my normal geek stuff but, i have pretty much been non-stop watching Supernatural now and I have finally finished the series! go me!

Season 7 being the exception most of the show is pretty excellent.. The ending of the show seemed very rushed and (spoiler alert) I believe the ball being dropped with Charlie getting killed off, as well, that didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I know what the writers were trying to do, it was a means to a way of getting Dean from on the edge to full on snapped. The whole “Brothers Keeper” episode, could have been done better. I think “Swan Song” was probably the best finale that the show has had but the fact that they are both alive at the end (hopefully) is refreshing.

It seems that because there are not contracts signed for Season 12,  this upcoming season (Season 11) might be the last season of Supernatural, so it may be an ending that the fans want to see.  There are a few ways that this could play out, where it could be Angels and Demons going to war and reappearances of favorite characters on both sides. Full on family reunion if the rumors turn out to be true about dear old Dad coming back to help and mom was a badass hunter too.

Who knows, I am pretty sure that Dean offing death is also going to disturb the natural order of things, a bit. So it could be hell on earth, apocalypse, a zombie apocalypse, war.. Whatever it may be it looks to be interesting. I’m a bit disappointed in the last few episodes.. but it accomplished a lot of redemption for Sam, who has often shamed his brother in his attempts from keeping him from going dark side or staying dead.

Anyway, I’m pretty supernaturaled out. But I do look forward to what the “darkness” actually is when the fall season starts up.



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  1. I think the s10 finale could definitely have been structured better. The case with the vampire would have been better earlier on in the series, I think- it seemed a bit like last-minute proof that Dean was off the rails, and I was already convinced of that, after the creepy way he interrogated Sam in Dark Dynasty.
    I did like the finale nevertheless. It was beautifully filmed and the ‘close your eyes, Sammy’ scene was just amazing.

    • I am getting damn tired of people talking smack about Charlie… or Felicia Day.. that’s why I don’t read a lot of supernatural blogs.. because they assume that Felicia Day’s crowning achievement were her appearances on SPN when she practically made Web Episodes mainstream when she wrote/produced/directed “The Guild” in 2007. She’s a game designer, pro game player, author, journalist and she’s been a target of The Gamergate trolls and it makes me want to put my fist through the computer.. She is smarter than anyone I have ever met before and the nicest and if she was a hunter the way she was written was exactly how she would be. I hate the fact that, especially women.. just loose it about any women that are on SPN.. Why do women insist on doing this to each other?

      • She really did all that stuff? Wow. I only know her from SPN. That’s actually amazing.
        What have people been saying about Charlie that gets you pissed? I stay away from those blogs.

      • people call her a glorified booth babe because she goes to all of the conventions and well if you read about gamergate you can read about all that disgustingness… basically they think that Felicia day is this bimbette that the writers used as a tool and that her acting was terrible and oh it just makes me ugh

      • Seriously? That’s just foul. Yonder assholes need to take their heads out of their asses.
        And as for her acting, I think they must just be saying that because she behaves differently to anyone else on the show. I’ve heard the same said about JP and Misha. Bullcrap every time. Evidently people have no experience of acting.

      • and Felicia Day, is totally mine 🙂 I hope that you are the generation that stops women in fighting. I feel so old saying this as someone almost 20 years older than you, there is nothing more counterproductive than backbiting. We still don’t have equal pay, for equal work. Only 4.7% of all feature films released by major studios were directed by women. There has only EVER been one female Academy Award winner for best director out of four nominations ever and the numbers are worse for the technical jobs like Editing, Cinematography… I hope we learn someday that united we stand divided we fall and .. yeah..

      • Haha, I don’t think there will ever be a generation that can stop their gender squabbling, but maybe someday huh.
        4.7, seriously? That’s shocking. All those facts are.
        Things will hopefully continue improving though. I mean this stuff was so much worse a century ago.

      • Plus they wouldn’t have brought her in to play that role unless they wanted the authentic Felicia Day who is just like Charlie. They wrote into the show a character that was a lesbian nerd who was smarter than Sam, obviously no romantic ties but she died to cure Dean… and that pisses people off.. a lot… like a girl, a lesbian, a girl lesbian nerd cannot be kickass, smart, funny and loyal it makes me furious

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