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Cross checking the #PrettyLittleLiars #FiveYearsForward Who is coming with?

So in our first time jump preview we get is  Allison writing her new on the chalk board we see that she had a new last name, Rollins, and no That is not Lorenzo's last name! Late to the prom I guess!

This seems to be the actor set to play Dr. Rollins in 6×11. While it doesn’t specifically say that this is Allison’s husband, I don’t think it’s her father in law or her kid. But he’s pretty cute.

Huw Collins set to play Dr. Rollins in the first Episode 6x11

Huw Collins set to play Dr. Rollins in the first Episode 6×11

Returning So far from what I can find is Everybody Spencer and her bangs, Hannah, Aria, Emily… Also Ezra, Toby and Caleb.. Mona  is there as well.. As well as Ashley, Veronica and Pam It doesn’t have Aria’s Mom Dad or Brother but you never know.  It also doesn’t say whether Vanessa Ray will be returning but Sara Harvey will be returning.  Two people I noticed that were included in the 2016 season but not in the 6×11 Episode are Melissa and Lucas!

I am sure this will be updated as they shoot the episodes but I thought this might be on interest!

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