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#Oscar Eligible Movies Highlight The Lack Opportunity For Women

Award season nominations and wins had me doing a bit of research via @awards_watch and one GLARING thing I saw right away is that there were so very few roles for women. These captains of industry should be the ones leading the charge to make a change.

Award season nominations and wins had me doing a bit of research via @awards_watch and one GLARING thing I saw right away  is that there were so very few roles for women.  A problem that’s only getting worse. It’s easy enough to see, I went to Award Watch and found the 305 films eligible to compete for the 2016 Oscars. The list shows movie name and cast. It does not list the director name however.


These are a few examples not all of them are award nominated but they represent what sort of diversity the film industry offers. With few pictures getting the financing and support to be helmed by woman it also seems that getting a role as a woman far exceeds difficulty to male counterparts. If we keep ignoring these things obvious things, and we don’t do anything about it, or say anything about it. It only absolves film makers of the responsibility they should take seriously in regards to equal representation.

There is a Ron Howard Film here, Quentin Tarantino, and TWO  Spielberg films.  The captains of industry should be the ones ahead of this.


Actors: Tom Hanks. Mark Rylance. Scott Shepherd. Sebastian Koch. Alan Alda. Austin Stowell. Billy Magnussen. Jesse Plemons. Michael Gaston. Peter McRobbie.

Actresses: Amy Ryan. Eve Hewson.


Actors: Charles S. Dutton. David Banner. Pooch Hall. Lynn Andrews III. Aundre Dean. Robert Hayes. Reginald C. Hayes. Mack White III. Derrick Le.

Actresses: Vivica A. Fox.


Actors: Tom Hardy. Gary Oldman. Joel Kinnaman. Paddy Considine. Fares Fares. Jason Clarke. Vincent Cassel.

Actresses: Noomi Rapace.


Actors: Will Smith. Alec Baldwin. Arliss Howard. Paul Reiser. Luke Wilson. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Mike O’Malley. David Morse. Albert Brooks.

Actresses: Gugu Mbatha-Raw.


Actors: Samuel L. Jackson. Kurt Russell. Walton Goggins. Demian Bichir. Tim Roth. Bruce Dern. Michael Madsen. Channing Tatum. James Parks.

Actresses: Jennifer Jason Leigh.


Actors: Chris Hemsworth. Benjamin Walker. Cillian Murphy. Tom Holland. Jordi Mollá. Ben Whishaw. Brendan Gleeson. Paul Anderson. Edward Ashley. Gary Beadle.

Actresses: Michelle Fairley. Charlotte Riley.


Actors: Chris Pratt. Irrfan Khan. Vincent D’Onofrio. Ty Simpkins. Nick Robinson. Jake Johnson. Omar Sy. BD Wong.

Actresses: Bryce Dallas Howard. Judy Greer.



Actors: Michael Fassbender. Paddy Considine. Sean Harris. Jack Reynor. David Thewlis. David Hayman. Maurice Roëves. Ross Anderson. James Harkness.

Actresses: Marion Cotillard. Elizabeth Debicki.


Actors: Tobey Maguire. Peter Sarsgaard. Liev Schreiber. Michael Stuhlbarg. Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick. Aiden Lovekamp.

Actresses: Lily Rabe. Robin Weigert.


Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio. Tom Hardy. Domhnall Gleeson. Will Poulter. Forrest Goodluck. Duane Howard. Arthur Redcloud. Lukas Haas. Paul Anderson. Kristoffer Joner.

Actresses: Melaw Nakehk’o. Grace Dove.



Actors: Mark Ruffalo. Michael Keaton. Liev Schreiber. John Slattery. Stanley Tucci. Brian d’Arcy James. Billy Crudup.

Actresses: Rachel McAdams.


Actors: Bryan Cranston. Louis C.K.. John Goodman. Michael Stuhlbarg. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. David James Elliott. Alan Tudyk. Christian Berkel. Dean O’Gorman.

Actresses: Helen Mirren. Elle Fanning. Diane Lane.


Actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Ben Kingsley. James Badge Dale. Clément Sibony. César Domboy. Benedict Samuel. Ben Schwartz. Steve Valentine.

Actresses: Charlotte Le Bon.

This is the reality for Women In Film in 2016. I don’t know what the solution is as far as the very obvious need to make drastic changes but certainly perpetuating this cycle is unacceptable. Movies have the power to make meaningful change in the world. When women don’t see themselves on screen it has far larger consequences than we think about.  I don’t think, despite some of these movies being really great movies, rewarding them is the right thing to do. There has to be a time, and a place and a reason where enough is enough.

It’s time for Hollywood to step up.


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