Supernatural In Review- Plush

First of all, apologies for this horrifically late post. I have been absolutely deluged in work and have two sets of readers baying for my blood, so, yeah. Next week’s review should be up on time.

This will come as a surprise to no-one, but I liked Plush a lot. Sheriff Donna, who I’ve loved since The Purge, is absolutely sublime- she isn’t a stereotype at all. She’s allowed to be insecure and warm and cuddly, but she’s also tough as hell. All three of her episodes have been sensitively written and very funny.


The Doug #2 debacle helped the episode feel real- as did things like the grouchy couple’s conversation at the beginning, and the random heavyweight champion (most of whose slang I had to google.) The focus on little details of minor characters’ lives is important this season, particularly with Sam’s mission to save people going on.

It’s also wonderful to see SPN getting scary again. I suspected, after the truly nasty Cage flashbacks in Form And Void, that they might go this way. And the masks in Plush were horrifying- serious kudos to the props department.



Fear was really what stopped the endless MoTWs of Season One from getting monotonous. It’s pretty hard to get bored in Asylum, right? Since this is already our third MoTW of the season, I’m glad they’re going old-school. But this was also the season’s first MoTW that didn’t link at all to the large arc, and as such Plush was a breath of fresh air.

As for the actual humour.

Few things tickle me the way JP’s clown behaviour does. Because SPN and I clearly share a menstrual cycle, I just happened to have rewatched Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie the day before this aired, and not only is the consistency awesome, it just never gets less funny. I only have one question: what the hell did clowns do to Sam?

Um. That wasn’t a fic prompt.


Re Dean, there has been much speculation of late about whether he is somewhere on the soulless spectrum, owing to a certain inclination to shoot first. I don’t believe he is. He actually seems- to me, anyway- to have recovered the softness that he lost to the MoC last season. The trigger-happiness is a pretty plausible effect of having the MoC for over a season.

And plotting quite aside, this episode looked- and I’ve said this about every episode of the season so far- great.







On a final note, the clown music in the elevator? Shudders.




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  1. I really liked this episode too-and the directors this season have been hitting the ball out of the park! Great jobs by all of them! I love Donna too and would definitively watch a spinoff of her and Jody and their supernaturally wayward teens!

  2. …also when the clown rings for the elevator I just KNEW Sam would be in there. The moment the door opened I know I was supposed to be afraid for Sam but it was such a ridiculously crazy moment that I laughed my butt off! Loved it! SPN sometimes really really gets things right!

  3. IMHO the theme of facing your fear is ever present in this episode. Sam’s fear of clowns, Dean’s fear of Amara, Donna’s fear of Dougalikes. Cas’ fear of losing it in the real world,Metatron’s fear of being all so human, All seem to be dealing with the fear/anxiety in some manner. On another note,the eyes on each mask had no expression which made them empty and frightening. i agree, kudos to the mask makers.Plush- a comfort toy—not so much in the Supernatural fandom. Back to basic SPN scariness.

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