The Arrow and Constantine Crossover Bonuses (Script and Petition)


Season Four’s episode Five of Arrow Entitled Haunted aired last week and starredĀ  Matt Ryan reprising the role as John ConstantineĀ  to restore Sara’s Soul and add some more depth into Oliver’s island adventure. Constantine had a 13 episode run on NBC but was not picked upĀ  by the network.

Matt Ryan was was brilliant as usual, and the show was fantastic and went up another ten percent in ratings! This was on top of the previous week gain of 11%

Here are two clips from last weeks episode:

The writer of the show released to twitter the script of episode 14 of Constantine that never was. You can download it below

Download The Script of what Episode 14 of Constantine would look like here

Also in the last 6 days there is a petition going around to bring back Constantine to several network executives. So far it’s received more signatures than the original. They are just short of 50,000 and are really trying to get it out there.

Click for petition to bring back Constantine

So far from all that’s been said, this was a one off appearance but perhaps the folks at the CW were surprised at the veracity of the Constantine fan base.

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