#PISSED About The Dark Shadow That is The #ArrowVerse


Have you ever just wanted to throw shit when you read emails from strangers, or talk to people about voting, or think about the crazy amount of bad people who are casting dark shadows on the things you love?

My World.

Welcome to My World.

Look, I once got into a great film school in Canada

With the dream of one day working on the set of Arrow or The Flash–You know the Andrew Kreisberg shows, where he hired people based on how they look. How the sets are hostile. Guess I dodged a bullet there but this is a wake-up call!

Warner Brother Suspends 19 Staff Members and Creator of ArrowVerse



The “Gods” of Superhero movies and TV Shows have been alleged by multiple, credible sources to be rapists or sexual harassers and where is the outrage. I know that getting work is really hard, but people like Stephen Amell, who didn’t mind talking smack about his BIG boss Geoff John’s when Ezra Miller was cast for the Justice League Movies. He also spent a lot of time speaking out against the Sochi Olympics because of the Russian government’s LGBTQ Human Rights violations–they are the leaders of these shows, he has a young and large fan base and many at least half are women.


Where is he? Where is his voice?

Because you could not have stuck your fingers in your ears and been blindfolded and still not know what was happening in the Arrow-Verse. You-Just-Couldn’t

He has a daughter, that he talks about all the time. Can he imagine what it would feel like if HIS daughter had to go through any of the shit that The Writer, Director, and Creator of Arrow put women through? Because he targetted low-level staffers, people like me would have been directly in the line of sight. 

I’m also going to point my finger at Brandon Routh- Not only has he kept silent about Andrew Kreisberg but also Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey (Hello Superman Returns)

Superman Returns Staring Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey Directed by Bryan Singer (Both “Alleged” Rapists)
DC Legends of Tomorrow another Kreisberg show Brandon Routh plays the Atom

There was a time when this was an accepted practice in Hollywood. The times when Jack Warner and Mr. Big Shot MGM could get women to do what they wanted if they wanted films, they controlled that. It’s 2017, not 1930, and unless and until MEN start speaking out or confront the behavior and help their fellow co-workers feel supported the predators will still be more successful than Women and another generation will be groomed by rapists who seem to run the industry.

I want to hear from the Arrow-Verse.

Thank God For Gal Gadot! Refusing to Sign up for Wonder woman Two if Brett Ratner is involved! She is a true Superhero! I think everyone should read what Ellen Page had to go through while on the set of X-men and other places. 


This Is How Superheroes Act

Wonder Woman

This is what Losers Look Like


Am I alone in this?

I’d love to hear your opinions!




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