Fifty Shades Of Twilight

July 5, 2018 GeekGirlRising 0

I am officially announcing this multi-media project I will be posting here in phases. I will be covering Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey Novels, The Films, and The Politics behind the Camera and the price our culture is paying for it. 

Analysis of Dazed and Confused

December 9, 2017 GeekGirlRising 0

I was a junior in high school when I discovered this movie, and I think I have seen it over 100 times but that’s what I love about Dazed and Confused. Man, the older I get, it stays the same age.

My love hate letter to Joss Whedon

October 15, 2017 QueenOfTheNerds 5

  Do attacks on his personal life, rumors, accounts, and the anger of a woman reviled, detract from what he has done professionally? Fairly Joss douche or not created Buffy, and changed television and inspired a generation of young women like me to say I can be a hero! As Buffy’s stated, “Ooooh I am quaking in my stylish yet affordable boots.”