Analysis of Dazed and Confused

December 9, 2017 GeekGirlRising 0

I was a junior in high school when I discovered this movie, and I think I have seen it over 100 times but that’s what I love about Dazed and Confused. Man, the older I get, it stays the same age.

Vivisecting Supernatural Bloody Mary

November 25, 2017 isabel edain 0

Re-blogging some of Wren’s previously unpublished posts (on Geek Girls)
Not in any particular order. If you like, you should say YES WREN WORK WITH ERIN TO WRITE A #Supernatural ENCYCLOPEDIA

My love hate letter to Joss Whedon

October 15, 2017 QueenOfTheNerds 5

  Do attacks on his personal life, rumors, accounts, and the anger of a woman reviled, detract from what he has done professionally? Fairly Joss douche or not created Buffy, and changed television and inspired a generation of young women like me to say I can be a hero! As Buffy’s stated, “Ooooh I am quaking in my stylish yet affordable boots.”