Vivisecting Supernatural Bloody Mary

November 25, 2017 isabel edain 0

Re-blogging some of Wren’s previously unpublished posts (on Geek Girls)
Not in any particular order. If you like, you should say YES WREN WORK WITH ERIN TO WRITE A #Supernatural ENCYCLOPEDIA

My love hate letter to Joss Whedon

October 15, 2017 QueenOfTheNerds 5

  Do attacks on his personal life, rumors, accounts, and the anger of a woman reviled, detract from what he has done professionally? Fairly Joss douche or not created Buffy, and changed television and inspired a generation of young women like me to say I can be a hero! As Buffy’s stated, “Ooooh I am quaking in my stylish yet affordable boots.”

Geek Girls News

Where have we gone? No Where!

September 6, 2017 GeekGirlRising 0

Geek Girls Rising Has not disappeared, we are in the middle of a massive expansion and transition to with new writers, vlogging, live streaming and podcasts! Thank you for everyone who has been here since 2015 we love you!

Okay PLL I’m Getting Confused

February 24, 2016 GeekGirlRising 0

Okay, so after six and a half years of watching this show, live I have finally reached the point where I’m SO confused so please excuse the spoilers if you haven’t watched any of this season, I am trying to figure this out and would love feedback!