Count Down To #PLLEndGame



So my guilty forever pleasure has been Pretty Little Liars, with two shows left there is still a HUGE amount of reveals that need to happen. The finale next Tuesday is a 2 hour long show, but it never seems to be enough.

Questions? Not in any particular order:

Will Aria and Ezra get married?

What is the deal with Lt. Tanner? No matter what you can count on her total and complete incompetence and her focus that is always razor sharp on the liars. Worried about who killed Rollands but not who killed Charlotte? Hmm.

Who is Emison’s Baby Daddy?

Who Killed Charlotte?

Does Spencer have a twin who is A.D. (I suspect this is a yes) What was she doing talking to Wren? Why is Wren in Town? Does / Did Melissa Know?

Who Killed Maya?

What is up with all of these A’s –Please weave together the stories:

Lucas? Jenna? Sarah Harvey? Melissa? Wren? Noel? MONA? et all (She was in that Doll House so she cannot be AD)


Ahh there is so much! But those who have walked into the show in the last few years and have had Netflix are lucky! I have had to deal with all of these cliff hangers as it is one of the only shows I watch in real time.

This is a show that I just really want to give the happy endings to everyone because you know what? this show, normally, would be like criminal minds! Rosewood seems to be a place where,  parents are very loving yet totally incompetent. The police are like keystone cops. There is a group of people who  cannot get over high school! Seriously! They have spent so many years on these slights. It’s actually quite disturbing.

The quality of somehow making the unbelievable fiction actually believable really carried this show well for 7 years.

That  is a tip of the hat to Marlene King and to Lucy, Shay, Ashley, Troian, Sasha, Janel Tyler, Keegan, and Ian.

#PLL ppl know who all these people all.



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