Deathnote: What The Hell Was Netflix Thinking?

For those who have watched this movie and just thought it was a crappy movie, well you are right and you also are missing out on watching a truly genius Anime by the same name.

Yes, the geniuses at Netflix decided to take an Anime, set in Japan and white wash it to be Seattle.  The anime community has been, upset, to say the least. I don’t blame them. A live action reboot of an anime to be set in the United States must have sounded good to all that aren’t actually fans.


There are so many things wrong with this film, as it distorts the relationship between L and Light. The psychotic girlfriend is not complicated she’s just another psychotic girlfriend in a very long line of films. The relationship between father and son, Light’s entire purpose with the death note. They picked what they wanted from the anime and made everything so much worse.


So I beg, good people in the film industry. Stop trying this! I love Scarlett but I was not happy with her in Ghost in the Shell. There is plenty of work you can appropriate without dismantling another culture and replacing it with a sea of white.

This is just one note to throw away, and check out the anime (dubbed and subbed on Netflix)





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