Down But Not Out

I am so glad that so many have read my blog posts over at www.GeekGirlsRising.com. Writing here has been a great release for me because  I don’t have a filter, and I have found like-minded role models who are truth speakers in this journey. I don’t generally see, or speak to a lot of people these days in person.

Why? Well because on February 1st, leaving the cafeteria at the Film School I was attending, I fell on a patch of Ice so hard that I tore three ligaments in my knee. It’s really hard to tear your ACl/MCL and PCL at the same time. Usually people who get thrown off motorcycles get that type of injury. I have done hand to hand combat and skateboarding and played hockey but I’ve never been injured like this. I was even in denial about how serious the injury was, insisting that I didn’t have to leave school.

I did have to leave school, and have surgery. I can’t work on any movie or TV set. For a few months, I couldn’t even sit on this chair behind my desk to use a computer. But I have been rehabbing my knee like I am a professional athlete. I am more determined than ever. I want to work as an editor, in post production, in science fiction and action/thriller Television and movies– and I want to do it in Vancouver. This is a genre where women generally don’t exist, but I don’t care. I have so many more experiences than most people do in my almost 35 years on this planet.  Including raising a child, when I was child myself who will coincidentally be going to college at the same time as I am. To be an excellent editor, proper education is a must. I am hoping to attend The University of British Columbia in Vancouver. But I am game to pay my dues the usual way (The PA way) in Vancouver, if I could just get there. Getting the things I need together to make this happen cannot be as difficult as some of the stuff I have to go through just to be alive at this moment. Funding, equipment, support, a mentor whatever.

So thanks for to everyone who reads, and has reached out and I really will be pushing out some information about podcasts soon and I also will be setting up some crowdfunding for tuition and a camera rig set up for 4k shooting and a computer that is fast enough to edit it.

If it is within your ability to help, great, if not. Just know, I’m down. But I’m not out.



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