Forever Seeking Wren


This is an amber alert. You have been missing for far too long. One whole season of Supernatural in fact. We want you back, we need you back. You are simply, the bomb and I cannot believe how young you are. If anyone knows where Wren is hiding, please see the management. I will go to England to find her lol!



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  1. hello! i’m sorry for vanishing! basically:

    i didn’t like season twelve, to the point where i had to quit watching bc i felt BURNED by it, & i didn’t want to ruin it for anyone else because i know a lot of people loved it. so i basically had to take a massive step back from spn for a while & i will not be writing about s12 or s13, bc i won’t be watching s13 (at least not for a while bc i need to cool down a bit first). however-

    there are still eleven seasons that i love & that gives endless writey material. so when it comes to that i’m still here! & i’m getting a post about bloody mary up sometime this week!


    • I was not amused with it (I actually didn’t watch any of it myself until it came out on netflix) until about half way through and they left a pretty huge cliff hanger so I am excited for season 13. There is only so much you can do with that many shows! I actually didn’t watch live TV the entire 2016-2017 season. Since the CW left Hulu and I hate commercials. They release all of their shows on Netflix within days of them completing so I binged through supernatural, arrow, the flash, and Supergirl in like two weeks. It was intense! That sucks though about the disappointment, I didn’t watch Arrow on purpose because I was so pissed at their decision to kill off Katie Cassidy. Arrow’s latest ended up being the best since the second but binging it was much better and Katie Cassidy was signed for a season regular for Season 6! The power of boycotting! I don’t care what you write about, I think you are probably one of the best writers I’ve ever read and I’m happy to have to you post as much as you want! Also, Geek Girls News Dot Com is being built and my co-editor in chief Dani and I are trying to get as many fine contributors as we can and girlie you are on the top of my list. Even if I have to send out world wide web amber alerts for you!

      • yeah, the whole thing just felt deeply, horribly WRONG to me- like none of the new writers really understood the show. i’ve actually written a shit tonne about my issues with it but i didn’t want to ruin it for anyone so i haven’t posted.
        why the hell would arrow kill off katie? she’s so good! at least she’s coming back 🙂
        ok- imma make u a proposal, in that case. i really don’t feel that i have much spn-writing in me atm- just working on my beauty appreciation posts is a struggle- so how about i review/just generally write about some other stuff for you? have you got anyone writing about american gods?

      • and also, thank you, a lot 🙂 my a-levels have been absolute hell (the other reason i dropped out of blogging) but i’m into a wonderful creative writing course now, so hopefully i’ll be able to build up an actual blogging routine again!

      • I understand and it’s no biggie 🙂 feel free to write about anything– I actually thought that American Gods for you.. I’m not particular — you just have a gift! Feel free to explore you are still an editor here 🙂

  2. I seriously think (this may take a few years) but you should write the definitive guide to Supernatural (I have the lost one and it is sooo good) with all your vivisecting, I would buy it. I would pay for it. I would spend hours on a website reading it. I couldn’t imagine something i’d like to read more about the entire series.

  3. Okay, Dear heart, I have put up (isn’t that a great URL) and I’m going to add you as an editor. You can write anything you feel like — Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite writers ever, and American God’s happens to be one of my favorite books!

    Do you mind if I cross post from you cob queen site when you post? I have ZERO content on there right now and I’ve got about two weeks to get things up–including a podcast and a videocast. (Any chance you would like to be a guest to showcase your lovely accent!) I’ll be taking the best from this site and migrating it over there but I still need like 2 or 3 articles a day.

    I think I have told you this before but my friend Cin, who was my sisters lifelong best friends is/was the face and inspiration for Death from the original Sandman comics. I think I may interview her about it. She has cancer and is recovering, and Neil Gaiman contributed to a fund to be able not to work while going through chemo and radiation.

    I also hear that Supernatural is going to start it’s wind down their storyline to tie it up with a great, satisfying ending on their 300th episode which would be halfway through the 14th season. LOL, Misha, Jared, and Jenson could never work again if they wanted to after this because of the MASSIVE residual checks they are going to get every month.

    But Dani loves Supernatural too, so she’s going to cover that end since you got pissed at them. Still think you should write the definitive guide to Supernatural, like the lost encyclopedia that I love so much.
    Anyway when you get added, don’t be surprised if you get an email from Geek Girls News. Super Excited!!

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