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I see it’s been about a month since I have had any significant visitors to this site and well it’s been about a month since I got sick. Large and lots of awful kidney stones which had to be removed by more invasive means than the common ultrasound lasers breaking them up.  I am finally starting to feel a little bit better! I really could use a break this year ya know? I tear my ACL/MCL/PCL in my first month of film school, taking me out of school, or being able to work on film and television sets.. In fact I was mid concept of a working documentary short when I was hit with a kidney stone attack that was worse than um, labor and haven’t been able to work since.

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But since last weeks Arrow/Flash Episode (which was um super awesome, how amazing has season 4 of Arrow been?) and this weeks episode of the flash.. I think I’d like to cast my theory as to who is in the box?

What Box? I meant Coffin, during the first episode of Arrow

Here is a reminder! (there are always tons of clips from all sorts of nerd and even podcasts at our youtube channel youtube Geek girls rising network (SUBSCRIBE PLEASE)

Oliver and Barry at the Grave

So for candidates we have







I’m Going to Watch Tonight’s Episode of Arrow and Give you my answer!



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    • Right, but if you look at the clip it shows Barry rushing in late with his shirt untucked not as fierce as Oliver… felicity is one of Barry’s BFFs there is no way he would be so casual…

      Barry does know both Lance and Roy but not as well as some of the others and let’s face it Lance has been on the wrong path with working with Damian .. There are so many things Damien would kill him for if he knew.. The show has no qualms with killing parents.. Lance has played his part in the three seasons prior with a growing superhero team.. to be involved in a significant way is coming to a close.. His death seems like a natural progression of the Oliver runs for Mayor and both Sara and Laurel are canaries..

      But that’s just my theory.. I do not think that they are gonna kill off felicity the “Olicity” shippers changed the progression of a romance with Laurel who he is I think married to in the Comic Book.. I like Laurel and Oliver and I thought Ray and Felicity were perfect together.. But the fans really can dictate outcomes..

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