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So some of you may have noticed (or not) that GeekGirlsRising.com is down– to a degree yes, it is not publicly hosted. It may be the last domain to go up and direct people to all the cool stuff we have going for us.

Because we are expanding to video, audio, multiple contributors, multiple updates daily– We are about to actually launch GeekGirlsNews.com (also .net) GeekGirlsCast.com NerdGirlsNews.com (Not to worry they will be grouped together but for separate purposes) Now that I have someone like Dani, Queen of the Nerds helming half of this ship oh my you would not believe how cool this is going to be! There will be 2 podcasts about geeky news going on, once the fall tv season has started and another solely about Gender Bias especially in the film industry, what I belong to and there will be some amazing guests there! . Dani will be Vlogging on twitter and Facebook live on Music, Comic Books, Superheroes pretty much anything you wanna ask her!

At the same time we will have a brand spanking new site a blank slate with GeekGirlsNews.com but not forgetting our humble beginnings, which was always a labor of love. That’s why the only ads you saw on GeekGirlsRising.com was from WordPress (forced) and that site will always be here via https://nerdgirslrising.wordpress.com/

So while we are expanding, we still have our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/geekgirlsnews and twitter of course @geekgirlsrising @therealdaniyell @erinloliver and YouTube and Google+

We are still looking for people interested in doing articles that Geeks and Nerds a like will be interested in! We are also looking for guests for podcasts even if you are just another geek girl with an opinion. It matters. Please contact us via Facebook if you are interested in joining our multi-media community expansion!

And For All Of You That Have Been Here Since 2015 Thank you!! We love you! You haven’t seen anything yet! 💋😍




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PA, Film Tech, APOC, Locations Overflow for IATSE Local 480. Living In New Mexico. I have been a TV Critic for NM Entertainment Magazine. Documentary Film Maker. Writer. Researcher. Lover of All Things Geek. Striving to promote gender equality in STEM related fields and in the Media. Film Nerd, Comic Book Fiend, TV Addict, Gamer.

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