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This all will be changing.
I did a lot of talking to people and a lot of speaking with people and I realized that In this process of just creating a blog to fill the time when I was bored, because I was injured, it has become much more. That it could be much more. I have switched my hosting over to a place where I am going to change this over to a blog that will allow multiple contributors and multiple formats. As I have been invited to be a guest blogger and podcaster for another Geek network. I have, in a very short time encountered some extremely talented and extremely intelligent bloggers who could be teaching entire college classes on the subjects they write about. (Wren I am looking at you)

When I was at film school and I tore 3 ligaments in my knee, and I had to stop working in film, I had to stop going to school, move in with my parents and depend on them for everything I was absolutely miserable. This was an escape for me. I needed something that was about me rising above it all, and I am so close to being totally well again, 6 months before they told me I would be at 99%.

Through this blog I started advocating for Women in Film and Tech and STEM and I have been able to tell a director that I look up to, almost more than anyone Lexi Alexander, how much I do look up to her and all this would not have been possible without this blog. So it’s time to open it up.

As the fall season of television premiers approaches I need people who are willing to committ to writing about other things Geek. Movies, Books, Comic books, Gaming, anything really. Even other television because lord knows I cannot watch it all as much as I try. I am also getting my applications together for maybe a useless attempt at applying to USC but also schools in Vancouver. Some of these schools have very intricate, intimidating, requirements you must do perfectly to submit with your application and have any shot of getting in (USC is the best film school in the world, and if you want to go into Sci-Fi and Live Action as a Woman that is the best place for me to end up) Then I have to actually start working on my tuition crowdfunding campaign. I also want to really focus on podcasting and doing live casting from our youtube channel.

SOOOO all that said! IF you are interested in being a guest blogger or a regular contributor or want to do podcasts with me. If you have something you want to contribute, I want to hear from you! Lets Get the Geek Girl Network Going (and I’m not excluding men acually, i’m hoping my son will conribute some articles on gaming but we’ll see)

I have spent all my life being an outsider, being a technophile, and part of the internet at it’s very infancy. I have always loved comic books and well I was a total nerd growing up, and I am going to be 35 in two days. Now everything I was into my whole life is actually cool but I believe that it’s important to put all these things that are now “cool” into historical reference. I may sound like a grumpy grandma, so I also like the fresh voices. If you want to be a part of this network, don’t be a fake geek/nerd. For the sake of it.
“I can smell a lie, like a fart in a car” – Christian Slater, Pump up the Volume.

Email me at or Hit me up at @ErinLOLiver or @GeekGirlsRising If you are interested in learning more.

Much Love, see you after the redesign! I



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