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Dear Readers;

We really aren’t full of empty promises, life, just happens, unfortunately.  I am in film school and want to work on crime documentaries and superhero shows, but I recently was diagnosed with an incurable, degenerative disease in my spine.

Facet Arthropathy Of The Lumbar Spine. Sounds Fun!? https://paindoctor.com/2017-pain-research/

I can tell you that I have endured the pain of childbirth, tearing all the ligaments in my knee at once but never experienced chronic pain like I have been in, and frankly, it keeps me from doing the things that I enjoy in life. It has restricted my ability to participate in school, play video games, take photos, standing in line at the grocery store is the kind of pain I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

Dealing with this happening in the middle of my semester at UNM has been a trip to hell that I’m not entirely back from. Many supposed “enlightened”  people (professors) cannot understand what disabling chronic pain does to your life. This kind of non-stop, can’t bend over, cant pick up anything, sweating to tears sort of pain in the lower back is fucking miserable. So is the scariness of having one surgery already, which didn’t take I am apparently treatment resistant and now I’m having two this month.. on my spine.. that sucks.

I am putting up our Patreon Link

Because of these two sites, GeekGirlsNews.com and GeekGirlsRising.com need to have full-time people working on it, and we also need to be healthy folks doing it. So anything you can do helps! On twitch and youtube and iTunes and it’s all possible. We need your help!



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