Review Grimm Season Premiere – The Grimm Identity

 I became a fan of Grimm over the summer when I binge watched all four seasons of the show and for the most part every one of them was at the very least “good” but most of the time they were excellent. Many shows have attempted what Grimm almost seamlessly pulls off. (for example sleepy hollow)  twisting folk lore and fairy-tales we learn in our early years into  a serialized criminal procedure show. Throwing in a monster of the week feel like The X-files, and Supernatural. Grimm managed to do this in a very believable way with the right combination of great writing, acting and with fantastic special effects.
What a special feat this is, to have a show that is so good and on the heels of last seasons finale, I was counting down the days until the premiere. I watched the premiere wondering if something was wrong with my TV because this looked like an entirely new show. Grimm‘s appropriately timed Season 5 premiere left something to be desired. A coherent plot, mostly. Also: special effects that aren’t unintentionally hilarious. The vision of multiple floating mom heads in boxes, especially when the eyes opened just as he woke up, was just plain cheesy as was the end shot of the city of bridges getting clawed.

WTF is this about? Grimm you confuse me so.
WTF is this about? Grimm you confuse me so.
I just didn’t get this episode at all. I didn’t get what Nick’s true motivation was. He spent no time grieving but had no issues with kidnapping an FBI agent in going after Chavez. Was he looking for Truble? or his mom’s head? or Juliette’s body?  I honestly couldn’t discern which was most important to him because it felt like he was detached from the devastation and loss he just encountered. He equally was just as detached about becoming a father. I like it when there are a lot of concurrent plots. The problem is when they raise the plots and then don’t follow up with them within a time frame that makes sense from an in-universe perspective. Then it interferes with the ability to suspend disbelief.
Given everything the “gang” has gone through together and every fantastic and evil thing they have witnessed, it was actually annoying that everyone was taking Nick’s story about Juliette, Trubel, and the secret society of Wesen FBI agents with “a large grain of salt.” Monroe’s reasoning? “He was fried.” Even Hank doubted him. Don’t play your savior dirty like that.
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Only Rosale  took the story at face value. “Nick wouldn’t just make that up and he certainly wouldn’t call and tell us that if it wasn’t true.”
She was also the only one that had compassion for poor Juliette and argued that she wasn’t to blame for breaking bad. She reminded them that she only became a witchy woman because she underwent the spell to get Nick his powers back. With friends like that as they say.
 I’m fully expecting a return of Juliette at some point this season given all the drama around her missing body and the angst that is sure to spring from such an unexpected visit now that Nick and Adalind are a sort-of thing.
Their whole relationship just makes me very uncomfortable these days with their rape-baby and everything. I like the idea of Nickalind. I really do. The circumstances of what brought them together and the fact that “The Grimm Identity” was already treating Adalind like Juliette’s replacement by it’s conclusion just makes it hard.

It’s  a disappointment when your high hopes are dashed. After the high Grimm ended it’s fourth season on,  Maybe I was expecting too much. Maybe I needed to dial it back a bit..  “The Grimm Identity” wasn’t what I was hoping for or even expecting, but it’s just the first episode in a long, long season. Grimm built itself a strong foundation over the years and one unfortunate episode is nothing to panic about.



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