Happy New Year SPN and PLL Fans

Hey everybody who still comes by here.. JUST an FYI I haven’t given up on this place I’ve just been on holiday. Doing some catch up and trying to see the movies that are possible to see before the awards season begins. (Film Geek)

But I should be back before the mid season break ends. I have a studio worth of pro mics and cameras so I’m trying to set that up for live stuff. Yay!

Anyway there is a fandom competition on

And I think everybody who are fans on Pretty Little Liars and Supernatural should go vote because they (obviously) have the biggest social media fan base. But you can’t vote unless you know about it. The first bracket closes in 4 days. It has movies, tv, music there too. Anyway show support!

Happy New years! Lets hope that 2016 is the best so far.