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Geek Girls Rising and The Geek Girls Network is a labor of love between smart women. We are not cashing in on the word “Geek” or “Nerd” we are women who have opinions and knowledge about topics that have been considered men’s.

We are dedicated to amplifying the voice of women when they want to be heard. We are devoted to creating a unique multi-media platform with differing perspectives on everything!

The most common subjects are Film, Television, Superheroes, Music, Books, Gaming and much more! We are guests on national podcasts and have one of our own.

The topic’s on Women in Film, Women in Stem and Women in Politics are a sincere passion and will continue to be for so long as the disgusting gender bias that exists in the film industry continues. These conversations will culminate in a weekly podcast on just this subject. This sort of knowledge is imperative that all women and men know. Calling our misogyny may be the only way to stop it, even when it comes from different women.


So make sure to check us out in October at http://geekgirlsrising.com

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