Binge Watching Is The Joy Of Life

Binging To Catch Up For The Fall Season

Are you like me and waited until the end of last season to catch up and watch?

I had been quite annoyed with The CW Networkand their decision to pull out of Hulu in favor of


Maybe I am fickle, but I am also a cord cutter. I pay for subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, You Tube

Red, and other channels on Amazon Prime. ALL because I deplore commercials. I pay extra,

actually to NOT have them. I know this isn’t a particularly good thing to do in fact very

Recently researchers as reported in a recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart

Association. Sitting for long stretches of time increases your risk of health issues (including

diabetes, heart disease, and cancer), even if you also exercise regularly.

So I thought I would share my list! Anybody Else

  1. The Flash
  2. Arrow
  3. Super girl
  4. Van Helsing
  5. Dead Like Me
  6. Lucifer
  7. The Defenders
  8. Elementary
  9. DC Legends Of Tomorrow
  10. Timeless
  11. CSI Las Vegas (Again)
  12. The West Wing (Again)
  13. The Newsroom (Again)
  14. The Originals
  15. Wynonna Earp
  16. Orphan Black
  17. Grimm (again)
  18. How To Get Away With Murder
  19. The Magicians
  20. Big Little Lies
  21. Feud
  22. Paranormal Survivor
  23. Orange is the new black
  24. The Keepers
  25. Sherlock
  26. Black Mirror
  27. The Crown
  28. Being Human
  29. The League
  30. The 100
  31. I zombie
  32. Salem
  33. Riiverdale
  34. The Travelers
  35. Criminal Minds
  36. Quantico
  37. 13 Reasons Why
  38. Scream
  39. Supernatural
  40. Marcella

Keep in Mind that has been since January of 2017. There is more, just not off the top of my head.

So I’m Curious Does Anyone have any recommendations for me?

So I’m Curious Does Anyone have any recommendations for me?

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