It’s been a week of TV Binging

Entourage movie Poster

And there will be more, for sure. I decided that I wanted to watch every episode of Entourage, because I hadn’t yet and the movie does come out next week. The HBOGo app is quite handy. Anyway I am glad I did, I am not saying it is the best show in the world but I was so girlie crying my eyes out during the series finale. It’s one of those shows that had such a good finale I hope they don’t mess it up with the movie. Kinda like Sex and the City. The show had tied up all the loose ends into pretty bows but given the box office it really doesn’t matter. I am more than happy to pay the money to watch Ronda Rousey beat the tar out of Turtle

UFC superstar Ronda Rousey in the upcoming Entourage Movie taking Turtle to the Mat.
UFC superstar Ronda Rousey in the upcoming Entourage Movie taking Turtle to the Mat.

I also binge watch documentaries on Netflix.

I usually don’t watch more than one show at a time on netflix but I am spending time with CSI season 15, Supernatural (though I have watched all the episodes, Season 4-5 are the best in my opinion outside of the ones that had Felicia Day in them) Orange is The New Black is about to hit. Pretty Little Liars is returning with Stitchers coming right after! how exciting!

I do have an ode to Jared Padalecki and I have a rant about CBS but I’ve been painting and rehabbing my knee. Is anyone else binging? if so on what?



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