It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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The Best Week since May

Wow! Things are always so awesome this type of the year! What am I talking about? Halloween? Dia De Muertos? Well yes those things are great for people who love scary flicks and dressing up. HOWEVER!
For me the best time of the year is always the start of the Fall Television Season! It technically started about two weeks ago, but I wanted to get at least two weeks of viewing pleasure before I said anything about them. (In a few weeks I have an impressive spread sheet listing all the shows  I am predicting will either be renewed or cancelled, using different research methods other than Neilson ) I could be totally wrong but It will be fun to see!
HOWEVER this is my week of my own personal biased based television series to start-up again! (Other than Grimm which doesn't start until October 30th and some of the mid-season premiere's) For those who have not been paying attention to this blog since I started-- The Flash,Supernatural, The Originals and my favorite show of all time ARROW!!
Dancing Like Charlie
Dancing Like Charlie


This season of Arrow is especially cool well for several reasons. My favorite director and role model Lexi Alexander is directing an episode maybe more. Oliver Queen will officially become The Green Arrow, Willa Holland or Thea is now officially SPEEDY! And I love Speedy!
Willa jHolland is Speedy
Thea As Speedy
Because of the support from Stephen Amell, Matt Ryan who plays Constantine(NBC Axed the show after 13 episodes!)  Constantine joins the Arrow world to resurrect a dead Canary to help her move into  DC Legends of Tomorrow!
My only hope is that he brings Zedd  along with him, although highly unlikely, I adored her character. There are a ton of rumors going on and chances are that this is just a fan canon but rumors of  Tom Welling of Smallvilleentering the flash/arrow universe as Superman during this season of The Flash's.  Those who didn't watch Smallville religiously like I did, well you missed out.  I would LOVE to see this!  I would even more like to see Allison Mackcome back as Watchtower. However, I think Felicity is the Arrow universe version of Watch Tower. I would put that rumor in the fan-fiction wish jar, but who knows? Click Here For Spoilers
Supernatural is starting season 11 with a bang! I mean really, big! It's good that Supernatural has its own built-in fan base because with Empire being the most watched television show on TV in the same time slot as Supernaturalit totally throws the curve. I think that is something you can see just looking at season 10 ratings.  There are a lot of rumors here too, while  Jeffery Dean Morgan  has been the male lead in Extant (which is totally worth watching and available to prime users BTW) and he is in The Good Wife this season,  has shown tremendous interest in a cameo as John Winchester. Which would make sense and be very interesting given that this season is (again nothing is ever set in stone) about the brothers coming together again,  to fight the darkness and other repercussions from Dean killing death. Plus Rowena spelling Cas, Meta-tron is still MIA. With all that the boys have learned since their Dad went to hell, especially about their Grandparents and their Mother being a hunter who made the deal with yellow eyes, that would really be cathartic? In all honesty, I still haven't seen any news about any contract renewals, since Jared and Jensen's contracts are up at the end of this season I actually think that next season will be the last. I would really hope that the show-runners would give the fans a heads up if this was the last season before it even started.
I have many more shows to talk about likeScream Queens, Blindspot, Limitless, Quantico, Minority Report and some of the returning shows as well. But I'll save that for an article later today or perhaps, finally I can get my Geeky Voyage friend to do a podcast with me about all this stuff.

Happy Viewing Peeps! Let Me Know What YOU Think So Far of The Fall Line-up!



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