#LexiTakesFlight at #SuperGirl on #CBS Tonight

Guess what folks if you haven’t gotten acquainted with the most amazing SuperGirl born from the creators of Arrow, The Flash, and DC Legends of Tomorrow. Tonight is your Night to do just that! Why? Because Lexi Alexander, the Oscar- nominated director, also an amazing stuntwoman, who has directed an Arrow episode this season is Directing tonight’s episode of Supergirl on CBS. Using the Hashtag #LexiTakesFlight

It’s imperative to send a strong message via social media and through RATINGS that Women can do anything men can do, including directing television shows and movies about comic book characters. So other than this is an amazing woman, who says what’s on her mind. She is a great director and deserves the recognition. Check out @supergirlcbs tonight! and Let’s get it trending! #Supergirl and #LexiTakesFlight


Photo Courtsey of Spoiler TV