Netflix and Chill and Daredevil Season Two

Daredevil Season two

There are rare occasions when I go into straight binge mode, but I was counting down the hours until March 18th when season 2 of Daredevil was released and having finished it about 3 o’clock this afternoon it was a nice way to come back from the break. I don’t usually stop writing when shows go on break but since I am working on making a comic book character of my own. It’s a lot harder than I thought.

Back to Daredevil, wow, season two was delivered masterfully. I was hooked on Jessica Jones the first episode, but it was the first few scenes of season 2 of Daredevil, and I was hooked.


Without posting any spoilers, because not everybody has 13 hours to watch one show. I can say that The Punisher, Elektra and Daredevil were all done with such attention to detail, it was fantastic. And if you watched the Netflix version of the MCU you can see the moving parts and where they are going. Which was fabulous. Yes, Frank Castle was not holding back on the violence, and there was no shortage of action with Daredevil and The Punisher each going down their plot arcs, colliding and yet managing to hold it all together.


Even though it was great, and beautifully choreographed It made me hope that they bring Lexi Alexander at some point to direct one of the season 3 episodes because I saw a lot of her punisher here. There was military precision she is so amazing with and yet it did not lack in timing and quality dialogue.


I know that the MCU on Netflix has just started, but after seeing the trailer they have for another Netflix show coming in September, I feel like they are getting something right here. When the moving parts all come together, it’s going to be fantastic. But for now, I am just hoping to see a season 2 of Jessica Jones soon, looking forward to Luke Cage and all the amazing things they have done so well. It just goes to show that you don’t need a 400 million dollar budget with all top dollar stars to do a superior project


So check out season two of Daredevil! It is now streaming on Netflix! You Won’t be sorry.




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