Netflix Show Your Damn Ratings Already


Have you ever gotten into one season of a show on Netflix just to find out that the sho was not going to be renewed?Yeah, that happens a lot on the CW, but never the less they put them up there, incomplete cliffhangers and all. That Sucks BUT

What SUCKS, even more, is when you are emotionally invested in a show, like Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, DC Legends of tomorrow and The Originals. See, last season the CW pulled almost all of

See, last season the CW pulled virtually all of its shows from Hulu in order to make a deal with Netflix. The details were simple, CW would give exclusive rights to Netflix and would release the finished seasons just eight days after season finale’s and to be honest, I was a little pissed about this at first, but I have come around. I binged all of them! I also got to go from Supergirl to The Flash To Arrow to DC Legends of Tomorrow during their AWESOME crossover. It was like watching a movie, and the reason that The Defenders sucked so much in my opinion.

My point is, what if Supernatural hasn’t done well in its viewership? The CW ratings went WAY down last season, and I guess this is the reason! Netflix counts viewership success by how many people have watched the entire season in the first 30 days. They don’t publish their ratings, and only the higher-ups get even their conversion rate. I only think it’s fair to say, “The Flash had horrible ratings live, but it blew away the competition on Netflix” thus giving it another season to survive. I worry about Arrow more than The Flash in that respect.

So my message is, Netflix if you want to compete with Network and Cable channels show your cards as they do. It’s only fair.

On that note, Netflix is a publicly traded company, and I would be pissed as a stockholder if I didn’t know what shows were doing well.

Now Do the Right Thing! Don’t keep us waiting with baited breath; we are after all we are the ones who watch the shows.  Thanks! Also, cancel Dynasty I mean WTF? I’m old enough to remember the first one, and that was terrible! Move on!

That’s my first rant for this website, and I will return soon to introduce myself.




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