Lets Hear It For Stephen Amell

To those who know me…Well they know that I am a HUGEArrowFan.

Despite working in the “industry” as a PA, or an Assistant or in PR I always tried to keep that separate from my love of Film and Television. For me, there were many times that I found out a certain celebrities actual personality to be, ick, would turn me off to their work–totally.  It was the price that is paid for the work I was involved in. I moved back from California to New Mexico and during my waiting for Cable and unpacking process, I rewatched Smallville (yes all 10 seasons) and I got a gig as a TV critic.. I was hesitant to get into Arrow,Stephen Amell was not Justin Hartley (mind you this was before I even started watching the show) and the folks at who created Smallville had made the Green Arrow relevant, and cool, and modern. I heard such good things about it, and since I was doing the TV critic thing I decided to go for it. The show at that time had just started into it’s second season, so I binged into the first. I finished it all in 2-3 days. This was a show! This was not the Green Arrow of Smallville. This show was Dark, it was physical, it was plot heavy. Where Hartley played the Rich Bachelor part to perfection on Smallville, there is no doubt that Amell (and his Salmon Ladder, and his Master Archery and his acurate portrayal of a person with PTSD without saying it) was the real deal. This was what a comic book adaptation should look like.

When you are an artist, there is something divine, or spiritual about creating art whether it be a form of meditation of even prayer to others. It was not until I put away the work I had done before in marketing and started to choose the shows I watched that I knew that I wanted to work in film. Not in front of the camera but it came to me that I could truly be happy if I spent the rest of my working life as crew on Comic Book Television shows or Movies or Science fiction shows/Movies like Orphan Black/Supernatural/Divergent etc . It was this decision that changed everything, my decision to apply to film school, working my way into the union..

I have had significant setbacks, I got into Film School, but due to negligence on the schools part, after a weekend of it dumping snow, and nobody salting the sidewalks entering or leaving the campus I fell so hard just 3 feet from the door of the Cafeteria and tore 3 of the 4 ligaments in my knee. I had to drop out of school, I can’t work and I am rehabbing like I am a professional athlete. When I decided that this was what I wanted to do I actually bought an Arrow poster and framed it, and it has come with me everywhere I have gone and this being one of the most trying points in my life, it serves to me a reminder that I may be down but I am not out. That’s my short story.

I have seen through Facebook the astounding connections that Stephen Amell the person has with his fans and the opinions he has no problem stating.  Through Represent.com he raised over 1 million dollars for the Charity Fck cancer with his Fck Cancer shirt, which I have of course. Now this is the last time to get his “Sinceriously Apparel” 

Sinceriously Apparel (Adverb) Means 1. The ability to speak freely, openly and honestly: about anything 2. To initiate good action while spreading as much good karma as possible.
Sinceriously Apparel (Adverb) Means 1. The ability to speak freely, openly and honestly: about anything 2. To initiate good action while spreading as much good karma as possible.

So not only does this guy work his ass off with 23 hour long episodes per years, and makes sure to interact with his fans everyday but if you pay attention to how much he loves his infant daughter and wife.. he also travels on the off season to an outstanding number of conventions to meet as many fans but he also cares about initiating good action while spreading as much good karma as possible.  Whether he knows it or not, his actions, his work have kept me going through hard times. I mean I have loved comic books my whole life, I have been a guys girl for as long as I can remember but I’m not swayed by celebrities easily..That the impact that Amell is leaving, will surpass however long Arrow lasts and he should feel really good about that. That I am thankful to the entire Arrow production for pointing me in the direction.

I have an Ode to Jared Padalecki but that will have to come  later because I’m late.



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