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Introducing A New Editor

Geeking In Politics IS Swallowing me whole


I have seriously neglected this place.I am sorry. I am a total political junkie and this seems like the longest election even though it’s been over since NOVEMBER! And I  love this site, I love this site so much that I have invited the Queen of Nerds Nerds, Dani, to be the editor of this site. She is also a supernatural nerd should Wren ever decide to return.

I am hoping to be back but I am happy to leave this into capable hands and we are still looking for writers if you want to contribute please, tell us so!

I won’t waste this opportunity to Plug #TheResistance project I am working on and the money we are raising for it. The Website should actually be up and finished today thank god.


The Resistance Alliance Facebook

We are really needing to raise money so GoFundME Donate to The Resistance Alliance