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Pretty Little Liars

Okay, so after six and a half years of watching this show, live I have finally reached the point where I’m SO confused so please excuse the spoilers if you haven’t watched any of this season, I am trying to figure this out and would love feedback!

Okay we are 5 years from when CeCe revealed herself to be A and Sarah Harvey was RedCoat and the BlackWidow. Some how Sarah Harvey got outta jail by saying she had  Stockholm syndrome? And I guess after Emily punched her out after she was trying to make the a bomb to kill them she fried her hands or something and so she wears gloves all the time. The girls haven’t seen eachother since they left I guess, but thye come home because Allison is asking them to give Cece a chance and testify that it will be okay for them to get out of the nut house. They agree.

They all meet at “The Radley” which is now a hotel, not a sanitorum! (Hey as unlikely as that sounds we have one of those too) but  it’s run by  Hannah’s mom. So the girls have a place to stay and drink now that they are of age. And they do after they all give Charlotte the a-ok (Except Aria) for getting out. Okay this I am all good with. Here is the shifty stuff.

Aria sneaks out at OF COURSE the wrong time of night to meet up with Ezra who is tore up from the floor up because his girlfriend is killed in south america. Apparently Aria works for a publisher and she is in charge of his career and he is past due for a second book. Ezra is not a very squishy guy right now. But as Ezra and Aria are having a heart to heart talk SOMEONE kills Cece after she sneaks out of Allison’s house.

So cancel your plane tickets it’s time for a little more horrible police work in the town of rosewood.

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So everybody is suspicious of everybody because everybody is doing something shady for a least a ltitle while. Plus wow five years and everybody has done the relationship dance.

Aria thinks that Ezra killed Cece, Hannah thinks that Aria killed Cece (so she deletes the security tapes of her sneaking out the hotel at the precise time that Cece is being killed) Allison thinks that one of them knows who killed CeCe. Someone else wants to know who killed her so they are all getting texts from somebody else, and then another person thinks they know and they are trying to scare them quiet. AND then they are fucking with them.

Sarah Harvey being a big suspect here too, after all she was living in the room that used to be CeCe’s and it had this weird hole in the wall which lead down to the street but now it doesn’t and Sarah Harvey is running around, hiding in plain site in diffferent disguises. Serously don’t get her. I don’t get why it would be so important to her.

Mona and Lucas and Melissa are part of the Uber A solution. Lucas is rediculously rich and now Hannah is staying at his place which is oh so conveinant and Mona is the person that shows up everywhere. And My believe has always been that Melissa was uber A. Besides the fact that both Mona and Melissa killed bethany Young.

Now Emily usually doesn’t get fucked with as much as the rest. But her Dad died, left her a bunch of money but she was so depressed she lost her urge to go to school so she hasn’t told anyone that she hasn’t even got a degree yet. So Emily is taking hormones to donate her eggs so she can get the tuition to go back to school. She finally admits it, has a horrible dream before she has the proceedure. The couple who was supposed to take them decides not to but she donates them to someone else, and then mysteriously someone breaks into the egg store and robs emilys eggs! Now she’s getting all sorts of weird Baby books suggesting that someone else is having a baby too or that they might be using emily’s eggs?

Speaking of BABIES there was a rumor I heard two days ago and after the episode in which Mona reveals that she slept with Caleb too, I heard that Mona might be up the spout too. (Ahh yes, Hannah and Caleb broke up, Hannah is engaged to a gorgeous brit who is very rich and Caleb is together with Spencer which I am surprisingly okay with) Toby is building a house and trying to get engaged to the daughter of a candidate that Spencers mom is running aginst for congress. Caleb is woring for the Hastings campaign too and Mona is working for the other. So Toby is being a complete tool trying to get Spencer out of town and somehow, a medical report that says his GF had an abortion in high school gets released and is blamed on Spencer, Caleb takes the blame and I see previews of Toby trying to knock his face off. So Caleb gets fired by mama hastings because god she is the most gullible person ever.

So Ezra and Aria aren’t together anymore she is with this weisley dude named Liam who just found out about Aria and Ezra. My really big hope here is that she ditches the Liam guy and gets back together with Ezra. I’m over Spoby and Haleb but Ezria is just something that needs to go on.

Last of all Allison was dating CeCe’s doctor and he proposed to her and Aria is the officiating wedding person now since she married (remarried her parents Byron and Ella)

So it seems like good things are happening for most of the people here and there are a few people who just want to keep messing with them. And babies, and weddings. I know that we are going to get to another place in time after allison’s wedding when a guy is after her and there are a few guys missing. Mike Aria’s brother is missing (he didn’t even want to go to his parents re-wedding and that guy has a tempter, guess he’s not with mona anymore) Then Allisons dad and brother (and spencers half brother) are not around either, not even for the funeral. But you know CeCe did drug them and try to kill them last time we saw them. Ezra seems to be getting his noodles back, but he was looking a bit unstable. But he didn’t kill CeCe. It seems that Melissa had the means, motive and opportunity and Mona has her skills at trying to keep things quiet.

Okay so I just wrote a huge post about the things I think I know about what’s going on. But I feel totally disjointed on what the show is trying to accomplish. If Melissa has it out for CeCe why is she fucking with Spencer and the others. It seems pretty obvious that none of them knew what happened.Or are we gonna be totally surprised again. This last episode did bring up Wren and there has to be a guy involved judging from the future scenes.

I really am a PLL fanatic but DAMN keeping up with the details is hard. This show has literally taken my tuesday nights of my thirties (I am 36 now) That is some CRAZINESS!









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