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Felicia Day

So I have watched seasons 1-5 many times, first run and over and over again on TNT in the mornings (Because I fall asleep to TV) Anyway, I stopped watching it on the CW at some point in season six/ seven after Cass explodes Leviathan (with one exception, the Felicia Day episode because she is the most awesome, badass chick in the world, IMO)

I love, loved the way Supernatural was done through the first five seasons, including the ever so random funny episodes where they made fun of themselves or made fun of the industry and there was some of that in season six I think but not much. The whole biblical thing was really brilliantly done and then season six fell off the rails. But lets focus on why I stopped watching especially The Leviathan, because those episodes were disgusting like made me want to throw up in my mouth gross. I’m not the girlie type but seriously if I wanted to see that I could watch a Troma flick.

On to season 8 now, and I am warming up. The one thing about this show is that–These “brothers” are really hard to like at the same time. Dean is for the most part morally superior but he is also very self righteous and Sam is someoneĀ  you want to like very much but he is a dick in the way he goes about things, and he’s always sorry in the end. Powerful moment when he throws himself into the pit, comes back without a soul and waits a year to find Dean. Dean gets poofed into purgatory and Sam doesn’t even look for him with a soul. And then he gets all bitchy about the guy who saved him from Purgatory. I really want to like Sam, and Dean and I liked Meg (when she’s all team kill screw over Crowly, not when she’s yellow eyes) Anyway I’m still on season 8 .

Have I mentioned that I love Felicia Day? tumblr_m6pcaqHcvm1qc0jl0o3_250



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  1. The leviathan were in my opinion the worst thing ever to happen on SPN- my first post was about why they didn’t work- but there was some stuff I liked in season seven, like Hallucifer. I have to say, season six is my absolute favourite, since I love the soullessness arc, though I understand it’s not for everybody.
    Painful choice for Sam not to look for Dean. I posted about that too, incidentally.

    • i just finished Season Nine … I think season 7 was the worst period and I honestly couldn’t watch a lot of it, It just made me want to throw up.. but Season 6, 8 and 9 were all actually pretty good.. I think my rant before was premature before the whole Angel possession of Sam… I know that from what I hear, Season 10 is where Sam sort of redeems himself to be a good brother.. but he’s a “bag of dicks” in season 9. I think what is great about the show is, that you are constantly conflicted about the characters and their actions and what is good and bad and there really is no one hero or anti hero. I think the whole fallen angel thing that was played up more than the Abidawn (sp?) story .. because she was a really … really bad guy… and what really bothered me is nobody seemed to care about the Veil except for Tessa.. and though I haven’t gotten to season 10 yet that wasn’t much of a priority there..and IF Sam had died he would have been stuck in that Veil too because he would have died after the angels fell… I think that they were really aggressive about getting back on a great plot but there were so many balls in the air that were dropped.. For a show that is going on it’s 11th year having one REALLY bad season isn’t a awful thing .. I just like that the two are both my age and you can tell so are the writers!

      • My main issue with the leviathan season was that I thought it was too plotty as opposed to character-y- I’ve gone into more detail in an essay about the actual leviathan. And yeah, some of that stuff was way over the top- like the guy who got killed with melted cheese. *cringe*
        I like the way they absolutely trash the relationship in Season Nine; it makes Season Ten all the more satisfying when you see how far Sam will really go for Dean. I don’t agree about Sam being a dick in s9, though it was so painful- I think that from a character development point of view all those painful scenes were needed to move the show forward in terms of their relationship. Have you seen the Season Nine finale yet? There’s a line from Sam that made me absolutely see where he was coming from with why their relationship needed to change.
        We, as fans, want them to be together and okay and in sync- but obviously if their relationship didn’t keep growing and evolving there would be no show. S9 really set the stage for character growth, I think.
        Got to say, Season Eight has grown on me a lot with rewatching- I love the mother/child dynamic when Sam’s dying and Dean’s fussing around draping blankets over him. All that softness and an amazing FOUR hugs- and then the Gadreel fiasco left their relationship in smoking ruins.

      • The season 9 finale made me cry.. the whole “i’m proud of us” and I think as the viewer you see things that give you the insight that one character has that the other doesn’t which gives that inner conflict.. like Sam being a bag of dicks.. I think of the episode about Dean being sent to the home for boys because he was caught stealing food after he gambled all their food money away.. and how happy and adjusted he was and that he gave it up because it was his job to take care of Sam. It freaking broke my heart… I read your posts and agree with a lot of it.. I think I have to finish watching the whole thing to really wrap my head around it.. there is a lot of..doing the wrong thing for the right reasons… surrounding Sam, Dean and Cas … and most of that happens when they don’t trust each other or listen to each other. I don’t know it’s a lot to digest.. lol..

        I say I like that they are the same age as me as well they are in real life and I think I was watching an episode when they go to Mary’s grave and show that she died in 1983 which would be when Sam was six months old.. and So I was born in 1980.. so the different pop culture references I totally get.. even though the show is still set for a younger demo.. Stephen Amell is my age..etc.. It just doesn’t make me feel quite so old… haha

      • Same about the s9 finale- I was genuinely not expecting that! The line I referred to was when Sam says ‘It’s me who wakes up in the middle of the night seeing my hands kill Kevin’. It was a sharp kind of reminder of the trauma and violation of the whole Gadreel situation- it was an awful thing for Dean to do if you look at it in that light, but I (and probably most of the other fans, and Dean) couldn’t actually regret him doing it. Or be angry about it.
        There is a lot of moral dubiosity about the whole thing- that’s a really gorgeous element, I think, like in s3 when Bela says they’re a stone’s throw from serial killers.
        Thanks for reading my stuff, by the way. Always nice to meet a fellow fan.
        About the whole age thing, as a fifteen-year-old (who really ought to be revising right now for my GCSE maths exam tomorrow, but whatever) I’ve got hooked, and I’ve only been watching since February. There does seem to be an overwhelmingly tweenage fanbase, however. I stay away from the screechier fan sites, so I can’t really judge there. I have to look up a lot of the pop culture references- though I got a thrill when Dean made a Princess Bride reference in s10 that I recognised from the book.

      • well you are a very smart 15 year old. I have a 17 year old (had him close to your age) so the show tugs on me in different ways.. and I think that’s very smart writing on their part. There is not any black or white there. In many ways, most of the Angels were/are far worse than the Demons and many of the monsters… Anyway I am glad I got through my aversion to the show because of the Leviathan and pushed through it.. im sure by tomorrow Ill be through it all.. maybe.. I try to stay away from fan sites.. mostly. Except for Arrow usually because I’ve always been a comic book kinda girl and Arrow is my favorite TV show in the world and my entire reason for going into the film industry and to film school. I think you are very good at seeing the show and seeing the symbolism involved.. I would recommend, if you haven’t watched it.. watching Lost.. talk about screwing your head with symbolism and all sorts of things..AMAZING!

      • Thanks, I’m flattered!
        I do like how the show’s reach and ambiguity means that everyone can relate to it on a personal level- it seems to bring out the squishy feely stuff in everyone. And yeah, I love the route they took with the angels- especially with Crowley being kind of good and the angels trying to bring on the end of the world/brainwashing/coercing/assorted other stuff.
        Good on you for getting over the leviathan season. I have to admit, one of my favourite character arcs was in that season- Sam’s Hallucifer thing. I’d been worried they’d sweep the whole Hell trauma thing under the rug and ignore it, and it was so thoroughly dealt with. I love The Born-Again Identity.
        Ha, I’ll have to watch Arrow. Up until my initiation to Sherlock a year ago I was strictly a bookworm; after finding my way to SPN I’ve now resolved to watch Dr Who, Hannibal, The 100, etc. I have heard that Arrow is good.
        And I’ll add Lost to that list too. This is going to be a very busy summer.
        You went to film school? That sounds fantastic. And the film industry?… *looks awed*

      • Lost is pure perfection .. It really is, it was Ian Somerhalder’s show before he was on the Vampire Diaries. It is just so so so good. I have been in the film industry for a while but working as a production assistant .. then I was in Film School and bastards didn’t salt the walkway out the cafeteria after it had dumped snow all weekend long and I was walking out and I fell and I tore 3 ligaments in my knee and so I’ve been recovering for the last 4 months.. it could be another year before I get back into it.. lucky to be in a film union. Really hoping to get better and actually I really want to move to Vancouver and work on Arrow, or the Flash or Supergirl or Supernatural assuming they are still around… anyway.. Im about to start season ten and start painting… I shall be back! hahah check out lost.. they teach entire classes on this show in some film schools… there is even a book about lost symbolism etc.. SO GOOD.

      • Wow, I’ll have to check that out. That’s so awful about your accident- what a crappy thing to happen, and so random too. I hope you’re fully recovered soon.
        Wish you luck with a future career on a great TV show. If you go on SPN, *gently suggest* that they do a Labyrinth-themed episode. With David Bowie. Yeah.

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