SDCC My Internal Struggle.

I am jealous, there I said it.

I haven’t been online, or checked twitter because when I get online all I see are posts from Comic-Con and I get a pit in my stomach.

Maybe I am the only person that feels this way, but I was not part of the “popular people” in school. I was actually named a PAC Rat (Which stands for Performing Arts Center but still, not so pleasant.) I didn’t get invited to parties and instead of going to football games and keggers. I learned how to dial into bbs’s and play text-based MUDD’s. I found local BBS’s and there I found my riff-raff friends, some of whom I am friends with to this very day 20 years later, including the father of my child. I read the Sandman (and later in life got to know the real inspiration of the Character Death) and V for vendetta and Gloom Cookie and Obsessed over X-men and Superman. I played stupid role-playing games and I was a gamer since the Atari came out. This all made me a weirdo, and an outcast.

But then, I get MAD! Because clearly this show has gone off the rails…

And I am SO GLAD I’m not there.

150,000 people + guests

Because SDCC has turned into a nightmare!  Throughout the last 15 years I have watched different conventions turn from the greatest comic fan experience to 90% pop culture promotion! and then it is a GIANT industry press junket!  Studios and Film makers show up to create buzz about a movie that is two years from seeing the screen, and then don’t generally talk to the press outside of that! It has become anything and all the networks and studios have to throw at you.

SAN DIEGO - JULY 23: Atmosphere outside the San Diego Convention Center during Comic-Con 2010 on July 23, 2010 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)SAM_0406 2014-Hall-H-Line



The only way worth going is if you go as part of the industry..

or as part of the press…

The tickets are sold on a lottery system and they are sold out in 90 minutes. According to GO Banking

The Price of Attending Comic-Con 2015: $1,853

Comic-Con is a huge event and grows in popularity every year. As demand for badges and hotel rooms grow, so does the price of attendance. Understandably, the price of attending Comic-Con is greatly reduced if you live in the area, but for those that need to travel to attend the convention, the full amount tallies up to $1,853. That amount does not include how much you spend at the convention or anything else in downtown San Diego

Cost of San Diego Comic-Con Badges: $220

Wondering how much are Comic-Con tickets? Badge prices vary based on the day. Single day badges cost between $35 and $50. The cost to attend all four days plus Preview Night will cost you about $220 — if you manage to get a badge off the Comic-Con website.

Airfare to San Diego Cost: $772.31

If you’re flying into San Diego, your airfare costs will have a heavy bearing on how much it costs you to go to Comic-Con. The average cost for a one-way flight is $392.66, according to data published by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. Flights out of San Diego average $379.65. A round-trip ticket then will run you in the ballpark of $772.31.

San Diego Comic-Con Hotel Cost: $664

If you plan on staying for the entire convention, you’re going to need a hotel close to where Comic-Con is being held. Luckily, Comic-Con attendees can use exclusive deals at hotels near the convention center.

Comic-Con 2015 hotels have rates starting at $166 per person, according to the Comic-Con hotel list. If you plan to stay all four nights, your visit will cost $664.

If you stay near downtown, you can hitch free rides to the convention center using Comic-Con’s shuttle bus service. If you’re staying away from the venue, be ready to pay between $10 and $20 for a full day of parking.

Price of Meals While Attending San Diego Comic-Con: $120

As with any event, food prices at the convention will be marked up. If you want to save money, try bringing meals with you. You can eat across from the convention center or, like many attendees, along the walls inside the convention hall.

If you budget for food, you can get away with spending as little as $30 a day, or $120 for the entire trip. If you plan to eat at the many restaurants in downtown San Diego, be ready for long queues and high prices.

Cost of Wearing a Costume to San Diego Comic-Con: $77

Going to Comic-Con and not wearing a costume is like going to the movies and not getting popcorn. Conventions are the perfect time to let your nerd flag fly. But if you want to go in cosplay, you can shell out a bit of money.

Purchasing a ready-to-wear costume can save you money. The average cost of a costume is $77, according to The National Retail Federation. However, many attendees design their own costumes or buy made-to-order pieces, which can cost hundreds of dollars.


The only way worth going now, is if you have an insider pass or press pass


Unless you want to spend the night in the line at Hall H and 20 where all the big panels are no guarantee that you will get a seat

hall-h-comic-con twilightcamp


So why am I complaining? Because I am a nerd, and comic book lover who has been in the industry .. and yes..that could be jealousy too?

Because these conventions are no longer places where you could let your nerd flag fly around real nerds??

No longer can hard-core fans always afford to meet or watch the panel of their favorite artist?

Do these artists that actually want to be there?

.. now they are about mass promotion.

I think that the  Sub-conventions like NerdHQ,  even though you have to pay for a ticket for panels, you are guaranteed a spot.. shows there is hope in forward thinkers, from those who see this as a problem..

….I think, for now, unless I can get an industry pass… it’s time to look at other conventions….

I sure as hell know I am not going to pay William Shatner 350 bucks for an autograph

just like I wasn’t going to pay Corey Feldman 50 bucks for one.

The world has gone mad.

Yes the world has gone made, apparently Joss Whedon did a panel by himself and received a lifetime achievement award and a shocking amount of “fans” asking him questions were calling him “Josh”

His work has been ground breaking and he has contributed to the science fiction and superhero genre on a huge level for 20 years. Not just the Avengers. People who are throwing shade at him who don’t even know any films or television shows he created and directed and wrote other than The Avengers and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D should shut their face.  There is RAMPANT sexism in this genre, but lets not be so naive to fall for the idea that it’s HIS fault because you know what? I don’t think he would have made his NAME in creating kick ass leading female characters. Why comic book movies have had such a hard time believing that women can sell Superhero’s on film I don’t know. But it’s not him. STFU




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