Something Obvious to me and Obvious to you about this blog.

This is me

When I write here, I just write. It comes from something I need to spit out right then and there. A lot of the time, my fingers are not going as fast as the words in my head and my grammar and spelling can be awful.

Here is the thing, If I let that bother me when I first publish something then I wouldn’t publish anything. Since my injury, I have been going through an “Artist Recovery Period” and I am reading Women Who Run With Wolves and actively working on the book and exercises in The Artist Way.

Now here is the thing that I have learned and it something that has held me back as an artist and as a person– Perfectionism is a bad thing. It’s limiting to artists. So many people have screen plays and novels already written in their head but it’s that perfectionism that keeps them from writing a first draft. This is a place for me where I am learning to let go of that. I am not writing this blog to become some sort of recognized expert of geek culture, I am not writing this for Ad Revenue (Obviously)

This is for me, and for any who  might enjoy what I have to say and I am glad that I have the chance to engage with delightful people in the process.

That is not to say that I am not aware of it, and that I don’t plan on fixing it, I just haven’t yet. I do plan on copying and pasting each article onto my wide-screen editor that I use for papers and trying to get as many mistakes as possible.

But all that said, if it bothers you that much. It won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t come back. This is really for me. I’m in the film industry. I work below the line and hopefully one day I’ll be in post production. If you haven’t read the about me, I injured myself badly in early February, I had to drop out of Film School and I cannot work on set and so I am in the process of becoming well again. I hope to be applying to a few new schools to start in Fall of 2016 and if everything works out maybe, just maybe ill end up in Vancouver which has always been my dream.

For those who do read my stuff all the time. Well thanks for understanding and coming back. Much Love. You can leave me a message below. But I don’t do confrontation on this site. Take that to twitter or youtube or some  place else. This place is just for me and anybody who cares to listen.






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