Supernatural In Review- Baby

Baby didn’t feel like an episode of TV; it felt like a personal experience. We are there inside the Impala, watching foam drip over the windows, and, later, blood. Sam and Dean genuinely have fun during Baby, with Seger singalongs and hookups and remniscenses. Finally, this is an episode that fills in the gaps- we find out what goes on between the killing and the world-saving and the big emotional showdowns.

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If Fan Fiction was the counterpart to A Very Supernatural Christmas, this was the counterpart to Swan Song, which permeates more than just the flashbacks. We see the army men, the legos, the scratched S.W and D.W- now covered in blood and broken glass. Goddamn symbolism.

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Supernatural has an incredibly rich heritage- I guess having two hundred and twenty-something episodes does that- and this both expanded upon that and was completely steeped in it, with callbacks everywhere. The ‘I shot the sheriff’ joke, from way back in Jus In Bello; jerk/bitch, last said between Sam and Dean in Season Two’s Hunted; Dean’s comment about Sam’s virginity from Season Nine’s Rock And A Hard Place… this season they’ve even stopped pretending that Season Seven never happened*.

And what was that I said in my last review about how funny this season is? Because Baby was hilarious. The fight scenes managed to feel real and visceral while being completely silly, my favourite being Cas droning away over the phone while Dean got jumped by the nachzehrer. The whole episode had that gritty Season Elevenness to it- the lack of scoring, the fact that apparently for some scenes the Impala was miles away from the crew, cameras rigged and rolling, J2 acting away. What an incredible amount of trust shown between the team, and rightfully so.

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This was completely smooth in its tying together of a MoTW and large-arc episode format, unlike the (nevertheless beloved) Season Ten finale, which attempted a similar thing with far less finesse. (No disparagement to Carver- I mean, the guy wrote friggin’ Mystery Spot.) But Matt Cohen’s surprise appearance seemed, in a dreamlike sort of way, inevitable. He spoke Lucifer’s words in JDM’s smoke-and-whiskey voice, giving the episode an ominous undertone.

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But despite that, Winchesters have to have fun while they can- as evinced by Sam’s first hookup since Amelia (his voice coming from somewhere out of sight in the backseat just cracked me up). This seemed, to me, to be about getting the brothers to a place where they’re strong enough as a team to stand against whatever’s coming- which is how we know it’s going to be really bad. But the bro-mo scene, probably the longest of its kind in the show, had a lovely sleepy brotherly closeness to it. No wonder the Js were so psyched.

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T.J Wright’s cinematography deserves a post of its own (which, incidentally, should be up on A Blog Devoted as soon as gets its ass in gear). I can’t say I’ve ever seen so small a space utilised so creatively before. In fact, I’m not sure there’s ever been an episode of TV set in a car before- there have been several films, but it’s incredibly rare and so hard to do well, for obvious reasons. Massive Hollywood blockbusters have tried and missed the mark, ending up too far into claustrophobia.

But claustrophobia didn’t even factor into my experience here. Every scene’s filmed distinctively. I mean, the car wash scene? Frickin’ bury me.

Screenshot (144)

Such weird great shots, angles ranging from ridiculous to soft, almost seductive.

Screenshot (158)

Screenshot (147)

Screenshot (167)

Screenshot (146)

Screenshot (169)

What a gorgeous shot of Jared’s eyes.

Screenshot (154)

And y’all know about my ongoing IMDB vendetta. But a little trivia for you here- IMDB has rated this higher than any other episode, out of a pick of two hundred and twenty-two. It’s beat Swan Song. Just thought I’d share that, though I don’t necessarily agree- but this has shunted Clap Your Hands If You Believe off my top #3, that’s for sure.

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These two guys.

*Okay, mean, but Season Eight didn’t mention the Hell storyline once.



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  1. It’s also worth noting that Supernatural’s ratings were up 50% compared to last weeks episode. Which says a lot as the DVR ratings haven’t even come in yet. The CW was the only network that had serious gains in ratings despite the world series and the Republican debate. This was a triumph for the show.

      • Wednesday was awesome not only did my idol in life direct my favorite show in the world but Supernatural was the best it’s been and I was laughing from the Roadhouse references (Patrick Swayzee was going to be my husband I had decided in 5th grade but he has passed away sadly a few years ago, far far too young)
        Most shows need a 1.0 or higher share in ratings to survive.. The CW is different much of the time but they ended Americas next top model which has has 22 seasons this year.. This is the last season for beauty and the beast.. They have pilots that will require some show killing to bring in.. DC Legends of tomorrow for one.. So it’s good to see the rebound for them.. They directly compete with the show Empire and I believe that has been impacting their ratings considering also that empire was not on due to the World Series.

      • “Anyone who can come up with Fan Fiction AND Baby within two years? Fine by me.”
        You forget imdb hated Fan Fiction

      • T.J Wright is your idol? I mean, he sounds an awesome guy- I made a post ( his direction of the show up to s10, which I love. Apparently he did Hitchcock’s storyboards?

        I had no idea Swayze was dead- I know very little about him tbh- being Gen Millennium has disadvantages.

        I get the impression that the CW incurs a lot of contempt. Its promos are horrendous, I guess.

      • Lexi Alexander is my idol..she directed Wednesday s episode of arrow..she’s also the first and only woman to direct a comic book arrow’s 11% ratings gain was a moment of history for women directors..

      • And next week Constantine will join the flash arrow universe after nbc cancelled Constantine last year!! You should watch it.. Without going into it.. That show saved my life..

      • Not the show, but the Character will be on next weeks Arrow and hopefully he will go on to DC legends of tomorrow. Stephen Amell really tried to get that show saved but NBC wasn’t having it. I think they are going to see what the audience reaction is to him just like they did when they first introduced Barry Allen into the Arrow Story line…

      • The Green Arrow is a minor member of the justice league so they were able to take his character and do a lot with it… he’s not superpowered or anything he is just a hooded vigilante saving his city after being stranded on an island for 5 years… Its very much intense in stunt work and it’s cinematography is very dark it’s not light and funny like the flash… I dont know it’s just a really really good show.. The Green Arrow also has two women that he fights along with (Black Canary who is played by the first Ruby, Katie Cassidy and Speedy) and Felicity Smoak is the brains of the operation.. it’s pretty amazing. I want to work on that show. That show was when I realized I needed to go to film school.

      • “I had no idea Swayze was dead- I know very little about him tbh- being Gen Millennium has disadvantages.”

        Have you never seen Dirty Dancing or Ghost???????

      • Patrick Swayzee was in dirty dancing one of the best movies of all time.. He was also in the cult classic movie “roadhouse” he was a professional dancer and singer and a action star .. He lived in New Mexico he got pancreatic cancer which is almost always fatal .. Very sad

      • that is like a crime or something… I was able to see it in the theater when it was released and abused my parents by watching it over and over again… It is SO beautifully shot.. even comparing todays standard it is so good

      • I also think the creators created Dean this way because he was never really bitter about how he grew up. He loved it, he has a strong sense of nostalgia in regard to almost all of the past including their father.. Where Sam has tried his entire life to define himself as different than his father and brother and escape any nostalgia because for every good moment he has it’s a bad moment for his brother… Sam’s identity and character grows tremendous amounts throughout the show while Dean has matured a bit but has still stayed very true to who he has always been… I think that the whole Men of Letters aspect is what really suits Sam. Where he finally fit in. Thats just my analysis.

      • If only I would get any of it on paper lol.. Maybe whilst you review supernatural I can decode it for ppl too young to know what pop culture references are in the dialogue

      • OMG! Seriously?? No Seger? Night Moves is one of the songs that brings me back to being in my 20’s

      • Gotta educate them early.. My son was born in 98 but he’s been subjected to my music and my movies so he grasps a lot of it.. I did play pantera with headphones on my pregnant belly ..

      • I actually have the Fanfiction version of Carry On as my ringtone.. I love it.. Beatles are good.. Hendrix and Eric Clapton are on my everyday play list… also Fleetwood Mac

      • I have the Death song set for when any of my doctors or health care provider calls me… and I mark VIP email senders with the “Whats in the Box” quote so I know to check my email right then hahah.. But you haven’t seen seven either.. you know I’m thinking I should go through each episode and really put together a reference for each pop culture reference.. It would give you a lot of insight into at least Dean. I think Dean is the sum of those parts. you can see a much larger picture of him by knowing these pieces of pop culture he holds dear. Its much like how I would look at new people in my life. You can tell a lot about the people they are by what music they listen to.. what books they read.. .what are their favorite movies.. Sam is a lot harder because he’s very Millennial compared to deans Gen X.

      • I have Across the Universe the Beatles… notification tune is…wait for it… Wrecking Ball Mile Cyrus!

  2. “while Dean got jumped by the nachzehrer.”

    Uh, no-the Werepire 🙂

    I have only one complaint about the episode…we don’t see Deans shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I loved it actually strike out the word loved I ADORED it. This is how Robbie Thompson writes a script. Bold, Daring, In your face epic story telling. I was nervous of tuning in, because of Robbie’s rep on IMDb for cocking things up. But he really did us proud, and went that extra mile in putting on something rather spectacular. I gave this a full 10 out of 10 because of the history he put in, and the thought behind it. I also made a comment thread on IMDb about the use of props. How clever Robbie was in using that hair pin, the demon knife and the copper coins to help Dean out in his hour of need. Jensen’s fighting skills are superb, and his interaction with the monsters were EPIC. I laughed so much at the head coming off the alpha and sitting on the windscreen and Dean using the whipper blades knocking him off. He tried to kill it more than once, and still wouldn’t stay dead. So Dean puts the head in the cooler. Man did I laugh at the noises coming from that cooler, that THING was still alive and not giving up hope of being killed off. The music was knock out, and Dean singing along. I could go on and on!!!

    B xxx

  4. “What?? Robbie Thompson has a rep for cocking things up? I can’t believe that’s justified. But it was so great! Those silly fights asdfghjkl. And yes, the music- the lack of scoring!”

    Thats IMDB for you! I love Robbie!

  5. // I’m not sure there’s ever been an episode of TV set in a car before- //
    There is one I can think of; “The beast in the cage” a 1992 episode from the series One foot in the grave. A very funny episode, no inventive camerawork though (or maybe it was inventive for a UK TV show back in ’92 – not sure).

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