Supernatural In Review- Thin Lizzie

This was the debut episode for new writer Nancy Won, and I liked it a lot. She clearly knows her lore- the continuity here was lovely.

First let me talk about the serial killer obsession thing (because I categorically refuse to call it a fetish, okay). That was brought in for the first time by our dear Mr Berens in The Executioner’s Song, in Season Ten- and now it’s being referenced back to. The fact that SPN are able to add in little details like this so late in the game- and make it seem completely organic- is one of the things that allows it to stay on the air.

Actually, I really liked Won’s depictions of the brothers the whole way through- lines like ‘I just wanted to see if the squeezy thing worked’ (said the billion-foot killing machine), for instance. Dean’s gentle response to Len suggesting he kill him- ‘No, I don’t wanna do that’- was nice. Then there’s the cast of eccentric guest stars, all who had their own lives and quirks (and restraining orders). The B&B manager, his mother and her Danish-fuelled rage (which turned out to be a completely and gloriously random detail, unless it was a subtle hint that she was soulless), Sydney, the kid Sam spoke to at the end.

Finally, we have another soulless person who isn’t simply a foaming-at-the-mouth maniac. And it isn’t that he’s better than anyone else or anything like that- he’s just an ordinary, nerdy dude who doesn’t want to be a murderer. More harmless than Soulless Sam ever was, certainly. But it was kind of a continuity glitch that every other soulless person was nuts, so it’s good to have that sorted at last.

Then there was the B&B. While the sleeping arrangements remained unclear, inciting much Tumblr delight (personally I’m a little surprised that the CW lets the show get away with stuff like this, but what the hell, you’re watching Supernatural), the rest of the motel was great. I actually wish we’d spent longer in it, because the set rivalled the one used in Playthings- and Rashaad Ernesto Green’s directing actually added a touch of the creep. It was claustrophobic and dim- there was kind of an old-school SPN vibe, as there has been for much of the season so far.

As for the plot itself, I’m liking Amara a lot. They’ve had a great succession of young actresses playing her- with yet another one in Our Little World. It’s pretty clear that she’s amoral, not evil, and when was the last time that happened? Interesting. She’s no Abaddon, no Lilith, no Dick Roman, no Lucifer. They’re all scared of her anyway. This makes the second Season Eleven episode that’s seamlessly tied together a MoTW and a large-arc structure.

But my favourite thing about the episode? The fact that the show spends three seasons devising elaborate subplots to keep Castiel involved, and now they do so by the simple but effective means of getting him into Netflix.




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  1. I can’t believe you haven’t got one reply on this article. Where is everyone!!!

    I said on IMDb I originally gave it 8.5 but it went up to a 9. I thought the writing was very consistent and am still puzzled as to what powers Amara has as when talking to the girl in the car park she tried to help her, and Amara took pity on her and decided to help. She then uses a technique that we’ve not seen before. The girl felt a warm feeling go over her, then says something that Amara disproves of and then sucks out her soul as normal. Now what was she doing the first time? Was she cleansing her soul?

    I also thought Dean was a bit different character wise, he was a bit snappy more than usual, and I also loved the scene with Sam and Sydney at the end. I also loved the bro-moment by the lake, that scene was beautiful!!

    B xxx

    • It felt very refreshing as a monster of the week sans most of the biblical stuff (other than Amara) but it was more airy and nice to see the brothers solidifying their bond in every episode. I have a serial killer thing as well (I am a documentary fiend especially about True Crime) but Lizzie Borden is still a very controversial historical figure. Lifetime even did a historical fiction mini series this last year with Christina Ricci playing lizzie Borden many people still know the Lizzie Borden song which is interesting because she died in 1927

      Lizzie Borden took an axe
      And gave her mother forty whacks.
      When she saw what she had done,
      She gave her father forty-one.


      Lizzie Borden took an axe
      Gave her mother forty whacks,
      Then she hid behind the door,
      And gave her father forty more.


      Lizzie Borden took an axe
      and gave her mother forty whacks,
      when the job was finally done
      gave her father forty one

      She is a very interesting (acquitted) alleged murderer to this day. Although Women in that time and earlier often held favor with all male juries and often got off even when caught right handed because of men who “steal women’s virtue” which is akin to Sexual Assault and Rape charges which now have a conviction rate of around 4% due to women on Juries. I am still intending on working on my decoding Supernatural episodes 🙂

    • Wow. A season IMDB actually LIKES? What sorcery is this??
      I don’t think she was cleansing her soul- after all, she didn’t have a problem with eating demon souls. I really think she just wanted to alleviate her suffering.
      Sydney had pretty astonishing cheekbones.
      And yes, nice bro-mo 😀
      W xxx

      • Also I’m not sure what season it was when Jo went hunting for the first time around H.H Holmes stomping grounds.. Who is coined as the the worlds first serial killer….

  2. Cas is still relevant to the story as the mere mention of his staying home from work so he can heal is delivered through a Netflix binge reference. Good writing. The double bed in the room that the boys rent is addressed. Sam says he is keeping the room and Dean will have to rent another one. But we all know they do not sleep one wink there. Baby will do just fine. Don’t you wonder where they change into fed costumes and then back to hunter gear?

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