Supernatural Season Eleven – The Road So Far

Supernatural made Entertainment Magazines top ten “must” list this week. A list that doesn’t just include television and movies– it is books, music, concerts etc. Season 11 has critics really happy. I have to say that I love this season as well. It’s biblical but not like the angel war biblical…It goes back to the mithos of the origins the universe, which was what I really liked about the first 5 seasons of the show. The show took lore right out of the Dead Sea Scrolls and then molded them to fit the show. You will not find very many shows or movies that even recognize who Lilith is. Much of archangel lore is not in anywhere in the bible. There is an Adam and Eve book that talks about God’s female counter part.


I have my theory about Sam seeing things however.. It seems that from his time in the hospital where he prayed to God for help and somewhat got an answer, he has done things much differently. It seems like the shoes are on the others feet. If you think about Amara and Dean’s weird kinship I can’t help but think of Lilith, Ruby and Sam ( too plus all the freaking monsters that Sam gets involved with to his own detriment and heartbreak) spn1106_2291

While Dean had Castiel. It kinda feels good to see Sam being .. the good guy.. Which since he started the closing the gates of hell fiasco, and his “purification” (outside of going crazy on Demons trying to find Demon Dean) Sam’s role isn’t defined by what happened to him as a baby, he’s not the freak with the Daemon blood any longer.spn1102_1447

spn1102_1510    spn1102_1493spn1102_1522spn1102_2335spn1102_2399

The big threat to Sam’s purification is that  they may have to let Michael and Lucifer out of the cage

spn1106_0016 spn1106_2671


Amara seems to have larger goals than to rule hell but she definitely puts Crowley’s reign n jeopardy.


Supernatural was, and is still getting a lot of flack on their portrayal of women in the show. Lets just say Dean has misogynistic characteristics, and the show has been accused of having women characters that are far more disposable than the male characters. It was a big discussion at Comic-Con this year,  so I would not be surprised to see a lot of women in this Season (Rowena seems to not even be a much of a thought to him or Crowley.) I’m still holding out a wish that Jo and Ellen and the reformed Meg will return (Meg and Cas sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G) meg

I think my biggest issue was the Cas and Meta-tron encounter. Cas was tortured and nearly killed because of Meta-Tron. Meta-Tron has screwed him over more than anyone else. I’m just not getting it. spn1102_2183

Yes he might have beat him up, but Meta-tron is responsible for so much chaos, why would he let him go AGAIN!. He is truly a rogue angel. He could have at least handcuffed him and taken him to the Men of Letters cage to get more info about Amara. Meta-tron is such a mega tool.

spn1106_2395 spn1106_1729

This week’s episode was vital in the fact that we finally found out exactly what a big deal The Darkness is. The wonderful complications of being God’s sister. This is a different playing field closest only to season 5 really.

In television it’s very rare to have a show really rise to an occasion and season eleven is no doubt fantastic, But we’re only early into it. I like the plot and the pace that has been consistent since this season started. I hope they keep it up!



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  1. Wow, SPN was in EW? Can you link me?
    And can I just say- Dean does NOT have misogynistic characteristics. Misogyny is defined as the hatred or dislike of females- Dean uses sexist language on occasion, but he is absolutely not a misogynist. Sorry to get defensive, but this kind of flak really annoys me.

    • You know sexism and misogyny can go hand in hand… if you looking up the definition of sexism ingrained and institutionalized prejudice against or hatred of women; misogyny.

      I think there have been moments and probably intentional misogynistic moments in the show for sure and more towards the beginning of the series.. Believe me, I don’t think the show is intentionally putting out that message as a whole.. but that’s how it’s received and I catch a lot of shit for defending it…Dean doesn’t stew around hating women but I can think of a few times where If I wasn’t a fan, I would be pretty offended by the language used.. I dunno ..

      Anyway I get entertainment weekly the magazine so I don’t know where to link you but it’s there… in the star wars edition too 🙂

  2. It feels like at the moment the focus is on Dean and Amara, but knowing our beloved show there is usually a flip mid season. So, all points turn to a Sam story being up front and center. Sam’s visions and his efforts to save meat suits when he can through exorcism or demon handcuffs- and his keeping score- are not insignificant moments. This season reflects an earlier show called Supernatural-yes it is back on track more solidly than ever. Hope the writers stay focused on the essence of what makes this show the one we love.

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