Thoughts on The Devil In the Details SPN Episode

So hopefully Wren will be back soon with her Vivisecting Episodes of Supernatural. But I thought I would throw my .02 into the rather shocking new episode. Spoilers and many many spoilers beware!

The Devil in the Details

There is a reason that I haven’t always been the biggest fan of Cas. But this weeks rather, GAME CHANGING episode shows one of the reasons. Cas is sloppy I say that first off because he was supposed to be watching Charlie and instead the Angel let her escape and then she died and that has always pissed me off. But also, he does some of the more stupid and destructive things on the show, more so than I think the brothers do on what seems to be emotion.

I have to say that with how Lucifer was talking to Sam as they were on their trip down memory lane, I thought he might have said yes, because he actually had some validish points. But the Sam that was Lucifer liked is not the Sam who he had and the Sam he had did and said the right thing when that choice was asked of him again.

Sam Winchester: No. My answer is no. This isn’t ’cause of Dean, or- or the past, this is about me, having faith in my friends, having faith in my family. We will find a way.

Sam Winchester: I’m ready to die. And I’m ready to watch people I love die. But I’m not ready to be your bitch.

YES! Thank you for totally redeeming yourself to me in any of your past sins, after 11 years Sam has finally become a solid unit with his brother and friends. But then Cas has to go screw things up ROYALLY.

Lucifer: Last words?

Castiel: Can you really beat her?

Lucifer: I can.

Castiel: Then yes.

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(I guess Cas got tired of Netflix and Chill)

WTF? Now Its not unexpected that Rowena was working with him and believed him but I don’t even know what the rules are about an Angel letting The Devil to take over his Vessel. If you think about how many times GOD has given Cas second chances (like when he Maltov Cocktailed Michael and God put him back together again) you would at least think he would do him the solid of not embodying Satan. This above everything (almost) he has done seems to be the worst.

Because well after he does that and the boys take off he goes and kills Rowena. So yes she was bad but she was also on a leash and what happens to Crowley I guess is yet to be seen.

Pictures & Photos from "Supernatural" The Devil in the Details (TV Episode 2016) - IMDb 2016-01-22 12-49-01


It’s hard to see what the end game is going to be here. Amara certainly does not seem, at least to me that she could be any worse than Satan. They both have just inhaled some angel and if the attack from Heaven didn’t do the job, I very much doubt that Lucifer in a trench coat will be able to. Cas’s lack of forethought, like what about Jimmy, who actually died so Cas could use his vessel and Claire, It seemed like as soon as he was taunted with the word Expendable he got all emotionally smashy and reckless. Maybe there is a bigger plan here but I was irritated.

So now past the winter break, nobody yet knows specifically if this is the last season. No contracts have been signed, which is pretty unusual if the show is going to have a season 12. This may be the  beginning of the end.  Who knows?

Anyhow I hope that Wren returns soon for a more in depth vivisection of this weeks supernatural but I wanted to get my feelings on record here. I AM FRUSTRATED!










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