Last night I watched the movie Black Mass, and it was alright. I don’t think Oscar worthy. I’m hoping to see Steve Jobs and the Martian this week. After watching movies, I start to get disappointed. Just as in the wake of Napster the Ipod and Iphone and Itunes model of distribution came about, times are changing for movies. There have not been a lot of good ones released and when you start comparing today’s movies, with television the quality and measure easily goes with television. Now I am a film student (or hope to be) and I miss wanting to see a movie at a theater often, but there have been fewer movies that deserve the sheer amount of money you spend to see them. Because all the ticket money doesn’t go to the theaters showing it, they rely on outrageously expensive snacks etc. That is now the ONLY way movie theaters make money. This is a model that has to change. Just as music has had to adapt from every type of technology advancement, so should the film industry.

what I think is very documented is that when the MP3 became available, and cheap, when you did not have to buy the entire disk for one song, many more people were willing to stop pirating music and especially if you know that now the artists make out better on mp3’s than they did with CD’s. Clearly the film industry is in distress about Movie and Gaming piracy and as someone who has worked on a crew basis it’s not unfounded but the last solution should be playing whack a mole with different torrent sites. It’s about finding the next Shaun Fanning and Shawn Parker, Steve Jobs to figure out a reasonable way to meet consumers in the middle at a fair price and distribution channel that is accessible when it comes to new releases.  With the advent of 4k and a real theater experience that many people have created in their home, note that this is for a reason. Consumers don’t go and spent thousands of dollars on 70 inch 4k screens if they did not want to use them for what they are meant for. It is now the responsibility of the entertainment industry to take notice of this trend and ADAPT to survive. Yes there will be box office smash hits but really good indie movies are getting punched and harder to make every year.

So that is why I love television because there is so much good every day, I’m in awe of it. Not many people think of television as art. But it resonates in me just the same. I have to say the last two movies that did that for me were Me, Earl and the Dying Girl and Straight Outta Compton. I’ve been more awed in the last two days than in the last year. Sad to say..



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