The Defenders


I have hesitated to review this because I have found that they loyalty to this series comes into who your favorite Netflix MCU character is. Nonetheless, here we go.

I cannot believe that Marvel SQUANDERED such an opportunity! They had 8 hours to pull together an exciting, engaging, packed full of chemistry, kick ass show.  They failed.

The Iron Fist is the JarJar Binks of the MCU, I couldn’t get over how annoying he was during his solo effort and didn’t make it all the way through, and he was the most annoying character in the entire series! (which says a lot because Karen and Foggy were pretty bad too)

I also was disappointed with how little we saw of Jessika Jones’ actual character. She was more of a sidekick throughout even though, according to Netflix Todd Yellin, she is the most popular character of the Netflix MCU.  followed by Daredevil. This makes 100% sense because they were the actual stars of The Defenders. The chemistry between them and their leadership skills made the show a bit more enjoyable.

Now, Sigourney Weaver as the ultimate Villian (or maybe it was supposed to be Elektra, not sure on that) WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? I love Sigourney Weaver, but in casting her, they completely white washed “The Hand.”


As I was watching the show, I figured the only way to gauge quality was to compare it to the crossover of the CWTV DC Shows. Four TV shows full of characters, crossing over for 4 hours of television that had commercials. DC blew Marvel out of the water there and shows exactly what kind of show The Defenders could have been, but wasn’t. What a loss.


The saving grace for this series (outside of Iron Fist GRRRR) is that their individual shows are unique and worth watching. Next up is The Punisher, another that I am super excited to watch. I don’t know how long it will be before we see the second season of Jessica Jones, and it may be that her character needed the experience of The Defenders to get back to being our favorite detective. Luke Cage is in production for its second season, and it looks like Iron Fist somehow got renewed as well.

It is unfortunate that despite the mediocrity of The Defenders you must watch it before the principal’s shows come back for their new seasons. This show does change the circumstances for all of them and their supporting cast in more ways than one.

I give the show a C- at best. I’m hoping if there is another Defenders season that Marvel has someone at the helm who knows how to build an actual ensemble cast and one that is true to each of their characters. I also hope Danny Rand, you know, just flies away or something. That’s just me though.

Marvel’s The Defenders

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