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So I haven’t been posting to the site for a couple of reasons–

I am and have been ill for two weeks and so I have been laying in bed, hoping to get better but I haven’t. Moreover, I went to the doctor yesterday, and the doctor says to me that it is all in my head and that I just have allergies and that he cannot prescribe me antibiotics. Now, I have had allergies my whole life. I have also had asthma my entire life! I’ve had my bouts of depression my entire life!  I’ve had my lung collapse on me. I know when there is something wrong with me. I know that when my blood pressure is usually 110/70, but yesterday it was 165/110! well, that is very very high. I know that when I cannot concentrate on my homework or get anything done that is not depression that is a form of malaise that comes from being sick. When I have sinus headaches and low-grade fevers at night to where I am up at night and then my leg (one leg) starts to swell, and the back of my throat starts tasting like sulfur… Something is wrong. However, this doctor did not even look in my ears or my nose or my throat. He listened to my lungs and sent me packing with steroids which aren’t a great remedy for someone who has a high blood pressure.

I am in the process of working on creating my superhero for my class that I am taking through the Smithsonian with Stan Lee as one of the teachers and the one who signs my certificate. Having to look up a lot of Gaelic and Celtic history and Pagan history which is hard because well historically Pagan’s were annihilated. Moreover, our superheroes or antiheroes have to be based on Gods or Goddesses. The things I have found is that there very few gods/goddesses that don’t have their a comic book character already published. Moreover, finding a name that doesn’t already exist wow that was hard. Because the first version was based off a Greek goddess (which is a Superhero on her own right, on “Young Justice” lol I do not know what I was thinking with Artemis)  but I was going to name her Troy.  Now I am going to be using the Irish Goddess Brigid but giving her a fresh origin story and changing her name to Phoebe Lawrence and her superhero name to be Cosmina cropped-orphan-black-53f589936e36e.jpg

(I wonder where that came from heh heh)

I have a lot to write about soon! Things have been so good TV wise, (Oh My God DC Legends of Tomorrow! Arrow! Supernatural! X-Files! The Originals! )  However, tomorrow is Supergirl on CBS, and my favorite director Lexi Alexander is directing that episode so I will be sending that out on the line again.


I am not dead. I do not know where Wren is. If you know or you want to be a contributing blogger and or Vlogger or Podcaster for this website, PLEASE contact me at geekGirlRising@gmail.com. Send me good thoughts about getting better.





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