Women in Media and Self sabbotage. #WomenInFilm

I am going to try to keep this specific to one show and one person specifically. As a women who wants a broad media literacy program at every level of schooling I think that there is one thing that we need to understand and tackle. Why do we hate each other, as strangers, for no reason?

I have never quite understood why Women judge each other on another scale of harsh compared to men. I never knew how much until I started working for the Rape Crisis Center and found out that the actual conviction rate was around 4% for rape. A lot of it is because when it comes to he said she said, the more women that are on a jury the less likely the conviction. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS?

Now it must be obvious by now that I am a Supernatural fan. I was trying to grab a photo of Felicia Day for a project I was doing and I had to run into some dumb site trying to dig into the origins of Charlie’s character and then their analysis of her as an actor and their hard core research of her that just happened to refer to her as a basic booth babe and nothing else.

Felicia Day, just happens to be one of my idols in life. She has been since the first time I watched the Guild in 2008? While I was addicted to playing World of Warcraft. She is responsible for the popularity of web episodes. How many people Direct/Write/Produce and star in their own web series that eventually become so popular it ends up on netflix? I don’t see a lot of those on Netflix. She did this like 8 years ago on top of the fact that she is an asset to the gaming community she has also been a target of the Gamergate asshats. But despite being threatened with rape and death and all that she’s still a very very nice person who is constantly doing something new and is all over the world. Yet we have people who are keyboard warriors talking about an extraordinary woman, someone who should be celebrated like she’s tabloid trash. This needs to stop!

If we want the world to not judge us by our looks, sexual preference, color or creed. If we are asking to be taken seriously, and to be considered for our talent and accomplishments alone, then the first step starts with us! as women- doing that for ourselves! When will we learn that talking badly and judging other women that we don’t know over things we have no right to judge about will be our detriment.


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Charlie, Cas and Rowena duck face
Charlie, Cas and Rowena duck face



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