Wonder Woman Does What No Other Has

First I would like to say this: Gal Gadot was fantastic in this; it is easy to put that up to the action sequences (Breath Taking beautiful action scenes by the way) But it was so much more. She was perfect for this role. Wonder Woman turns assumptions about older actresses on it’s head. The insane ageism Women face in this line of work. Without this movie, nobody would have guessed that Robin Wright would be the most formidable of the Amazonian women.

This movie correctly translated a comic book mythology into big screen believability. This was an opportunity Marvel missed when bringing Captain America to the screen. Imagine someone who grew up on an island whose only occupants are Women Warriors. Then imagine meeting a man for the first time and then heading into world war I. Gal Gadot, showcased in this movie the shock, anger, devastation when she got a good look at the reality. She was brought up on principals that to most of us seem utopian. Mythical. Impossible in these times. She defied them. She stood her ground.

Captain America, was frozen in ICE and even before he was, he was a very, unusually optimistic person. Who had just gotten his powers? The first Captain America movie ends with him making the ultimate sacrifice and the teaser of being found. What we see in the Avengers as a leader is part of his DNA.

After Seeing wonder woman, I realized the insanity that needed to be translated to the screen the most idealistic war hero ho went dark in 1930’s fighting Nazi’s and Hydra, waking up in the 21st century.

Those differences seem to put Wonder Woman and all the others into separate categories. Realistic Interpretation of decades of mythology behind Wonder Woman. That is a tremendous feat all on its own. The added depth to characters was noticeable. The humor was appropriate. The entire film was beautifully done. I would thoroughly recommend that everyone see this movie, in the theaters, and especially in Imax.

This film was a complete package, the heroes journeys completed. Patty Jenkins, as a woman director, destroys the well-believed theory that women do not want, or don’t have the knowledge about directing action movies or Sci-Fi &  Fantasy movies. Her Movie Monster showcased her talent for making a character multi-dimensional, even a serial killer. That is exactly what she did with Wonder Woman.

I know that she, more than any other female director, has been under tremendous stress to be the person to shatter the glass ceiling for Women In Film. She did her part, with perfection. It is now the responsibility of the film industry to start looking at what women bring to the table. It is time for the Women who make it in, to mentor those who have not or cannot.

I am keeping my fingers crossed because in 2017 this gender bias is unacceptable.

From one comic book nerd, who works in the film industry, I feel that I owe gratitude to Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot for nailing this movie. I plan on seeing it again this weekend.



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